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Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Achievements

Full list of Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Unlock All Unlock All 0 Amazing job, You have unlocked all the characters. 100
EXTRA EXTRA 0 Very well you have collected the EXTRA Balls. Keep going. 50
First World First World 0 Well done you have completed the first world, how far you can go? 15
First Boss First Boss 0 SURPRISE!!! The first boss cannot be defeated. 15
Second World Second World 0 So you passed 20 levels, incredible. 25
Second Boss Second Boss 0 Have you really have defeated Ghoul? Amazing! 25
Third World Third World 0 I can't believe you have gotten this far. 25
Third Boss Third Boss 0 Oh well done, you defeated Cocco. Not bad! 50
Fourth World Fourth World 0 No way you are here, the land of stones is completed. 50
Fourth Boss Fourth Boss 0 Magmus was one of the best but you won. Very well. 50
Fifth World Fifth World 0 You have come to the end. Congratulations, but there is one more small step to take. 100
Fifth Boss Fifth Boss 0 Cocco is defeated. You have beaten the King of the bad guys. 100
First Level First Level 0 Very well you have completed your first level. Keep going. 10
No Credits No Credits 0 You are so good. You have completed the Story Mode without using 'Continue'. 100
1000 Balls 1000 Balls 0 Easy, let see what you will do later. 10
5000 Balls 5000 Balls 0 5000 balls collected? Not bad. 10
10000 Balls 10000 Balls 0 Not bad! You have collected 10000 balls. 15
25000 Balls 25000 Balls 0 We grow, we go on. Keep it up. 25
50000 Balls 50000 Balls 0 Another step towards glory. 25
100000 Balls 100000 Balls 0 100000 ? Who are you? 30
500000 Balls 500000 Balls 0 This is the top, no one did it. 50
One Credits One Credits 0 Are you sure you really want to spend extra coins? 10
Lose Once Lose Once 0 Hmmm, you lost a game, did it hurt you? 10
Endless Easy Endless Easy 0 Not Bad. Easy mode? I know you can do much better. Congratulations. 10
Endless Normal Endless Normal 0 Great! You have played the Normal level of the Endless mode and joined the High Score list. 20
Endless Hard Endless Hard 0 Superb! You did it. High Score in the Hard difficulty of the Endless mode. Congratulations. 30
Battle 10 Battle 10 0 Great job you have played 10 matches in Battle Mode. Did you won? 10
Hidden Hidden 0 Hehehe you discovered the Anthrox hidden trainer. 30