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Wunderling Achievements

Full list of Wunderling achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wunderling has 41 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Like A Rubber Ball Like A Rubber Ball 0 Jump 100 times. 5
Jump They Say Jump They Say 0 Jump 1000 times. 10
Not To Touch The Earth Not To Touch The Earth 0 Jump 10 000 times. 50
It's A Hard Knock Life It's A Hard Knock Life 0 Die 100 times. 5
(Don't) Have A Cow, Man! (Don't) Have A Cow, Man! 0 Complete one Cow Quest. 10
Hoofmeister Hoofmeister 0 Complete 10 Cow Quests. 20
Dressed For Success Dressed For Success 0 Equip yourself with one Item. 5
Fashion Victim Fashion Victim 0 Equip yourself with one Item from each category. 10
Release The Croaker Release The Croaker 0 Release the Frog in World 1. 5
Warp Zoned Warp Zoned 0 Jump through your first Portal. 5
Jumpin' Jack Flash Jumpin' Jack Flash 0 Jump through 10 Portals of any color. 10
20/20 Fission 20/20 Fission 0 Jump through 20 Portals of any color. 50
Beam Me Up Buttercup Beam Me Up Buttercup 0 Jump through 50 Portals of any color. 100
Exit, Pursued By A Blur Exit, Pursued By A Blur 0 Jump through 100 Portals of any color. 200
In The Nick Of Time In The Nick Of Time 0 Beat one Level while having extremely low health. 5
Green, Green Gates Of Home Green, Green Gates Of Home 0 Beat one Level by jumping through a Green Portal. 10
Third Time's A Charm Third Time's A Charm 0 Beat all Green Portal levels in a world. 25
Walkabout Wipeout Walkabout Wipeout 0 Beat Level 1-14 with 100%. 25
Rockrose Riot Rockrose Riot 0 Beat Level 2-10 with 100%. 25
Dilly-Dally Done Dilly-Dally Done 0 Beat Level 3-9 with 100%. 25
Compost Champ Compost Champ 0 Beat Level 4-C with 100%. 25
Factory's Finest Factory's Finest 0 Beat Level 5-B with 100%. 25
Herbaria Hit Herbaria Hit 0 Beat Level 6-15 with 100%. 25
Final Fantasizer Final Fantasizer 0 Beat the final Level with 100%. 50
Dunces & Dragons Dunces & Dragons 0 Get through the first Boss Battle. 20
Sand Castles & Glass Camels Sand Castles & Glass Camels 0 Get through the second Boss Battle. 20
Daucus Ex Machina Daucus Ex Machina 0 Get through the third Boss Battle. 20
To Beet, Or Not To Beet To Beet, Or Not To Beet 0 Get through the fourth Boss Battle. 20
The Long, Hot Summer The Long, Hot Summer 0 Unlock the desert World. 20
Golden Ticket Golden Ticket 0 Unlock the factory World. 20
Wallflower Wallflower 0 Collect all Flowers on one Level for the first time. 5
Flower Punk Flower Punk 0 Collect all Flowers on five Levels. 10
Late Bloomer Late Bloomer 0 Collect all Flowers on twenty Levels. 20
Orange Blossom Special Orange Blossom Special 0 Collect all the Flowers in an entire World. 20
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie 0 Find one Treasure. 5
Five By Five Five By Five 0 Find five Treasures. 10
Manic: The Gathering Manic: The Gathering 0 Find twenty Treasures. 20
Buccaneers And Buried Gold Buccaneers And Buried Gold 0 Find all the Treasures in an entire World. 20
Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! 0 Get one Cassette. 5
Up To Eleven Up To Eleven 0 Get five Cassettes. 10

Secret Achievements

Fool's Gold Fool's Gold 0 Find a Gold Portal. 30