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The Language Of Love Achievements

Full list of The Language Of Love achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Language Of Love has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Introductions Introductions 0 Meet Tama. 15
Omelette rice Omelette rice 0 Get on Tama's good side. 15
Kyouko Kyouko 0 Meet Kyouko. 30
Interrupted Interrupted 0 Walk in on Kyouko at an inopportune time. 40
A quiet moment A quiet moment 0 Share a moment of peace with Kyouko. 90
Sun and surf Sun and surf 0 It's the beach! 90
Shaved ice Shaved ice 0 Enjoy a sweet treat. 90
Victory Victory 0 Watch Tama win an amazing reward! 90
Hot springs Hot springs 0 Go to the hot springs with the Himuro family. 90
Stumble Stumble 0 Kyouko trips -but you're there to save her! 90
Intoxicated Intoxicated 0 Share a drunken kiss with Kyouko. 90
Alone Alone 0 Help Kyouko come to terms with missing Tama. 90
Confession Confession 0 Tell Kyouko how you feel about her. 90
The Language of Love The Language of Love 0 Thank you for playing the game! 90