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Chernobylite Achievements

Full list of Chernobylite achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Chernobylite has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Broken cycle Broken cycle 0 Reach one of the game endings 50
Dark tourist Dark tourist 0 Recruit Mikhail 50
Queen of the forest Queen of the forest 0 Recruit Olga 50
Thief in law Thief in law 0 Recruit Sashko 50
King of mice King of mice 0 Recruit Tarakan 50
Wounded warrior Wounded warrior 0 Find Oliver and convince him to help you 30
Three Musketeers Three Musketeers 0 Finish "An old friend" quest 40
NOT a little boy! NOT a little boy! 0 Finish "On opposite sides of the barricade" quest 40
Man from the past with a past Man from the past with a past 0 Finish " Kozlov Killing" or " Kozlov Kidnaping" quest 40
Black mask wearing mother****** Black mask wearing mother****** 0 Finish "Power plant" quest 40
You cannot change the past You cannot change the past 0 Change your memory for the first time 20
Rat trap Rat trap 0 Finish "Old Documents" quest 20
Armed and dangerous Armed and dangerous 0 Modify any weapon 20
Industrial age Industrial age 0 Gain access to the second tier of structures in the base 20
Chernobylite age Chernobylite age 0 Gain access to the third tier of base structures 20
Conspiracy Conspiracy 0 Complete "Conspiracy" Board Investigation 40
Web of Lies Web of Lies 0 Complete "Web of Lies" Board Investigation 40
Black Stalker Black Stalker 0 Complete "Black Stalker" Board Investigation 40
Woman in Red Dress Woman in Red Dress 0 Complete "Woman in Red Dress" Board Investigation 40
In a bind In a bind 0 Finish "Traitor" quest 20
Guerilla war Guerilla war 0 Finish "Weapon transport" quest 20
A turning point A turning point 0 Finish "Chain Reaction" quest 20
Like men of science Like men of science 0 Finish "Some excuses" quest 20
A giant turtle A giant turtle 0 Finish "The truth about NAR's experiments" quest 20
Heart is a lonely hunter Heart is a lonely hunter 0 Finish "Hacking into NAR servers" quest 20
Fools rush in Fools rush in 0 Finish "Hermit" quest 20
All volunteers All volunteers 0 Finish "Big Fish" quest 20
Tiny dancer Tiny dancer 0 Finish "A memento from the past" quest 20
The Ratcatcher The Ratcatcher 0 Finish "Meeting with Tarakan" quest 20
Living dangerously Living dangerously 0 Finish "Hardware for real men" quest 20
Not everyone deserves to die Not everyone deserves to die 0 Finish "Checkpoint assault" quest 20
A hunter went for a walk A hunter went for a walk 0 Finish "A few things from an old hideout" quest 20
The right call The right call 0 Finish "Hard truth" quest 20
Bring the dust Bring the dust 0 Finish "Black Stalker" quest 20