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Chicken Police Achievements

Full list of Chicken Police achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Chicken Police has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Detour Detour 0 Complete the first chapter 25
The Killing The Killing 0 Complete the second chapter 25
Out Of The Past Out Of The Past 0 Complete the third chapter 25
Farewell, My Lovely Farewell, My Lovely 0 Complete chapter four 25
Chicken Police is back together?! Chicken Police is back together?! 0 Reach the ending 50
Nice work, partner! Nice work, partner! 0 Get a "Living Legend" grade on a questioning 50
'"Now, let''s grab a bite to eat."' '"Now, let''s grab a bite to eat."' 0 Get a "Frank Drebin" grade on a questioning 25
A real bookworm! A real bookworm! 0 Find all 10 Chicken Police novels 100
True collector True collector 0 Get all the collectible extras 100
The explorer The explorer 0 Visit all the limited locations 25
Santino Featherland Santino Featherland 0 Complete all the questionings with "Living Legend" results 100
The librarian The librarian 0 Get all codex entries 10
Psychiatrist Psychiatrist 0 Get all personal informations 10
Songbird Songbird 0 Collect all the songs for the jukebox 10
The social type The social type 0 Talk with all the characters in the game 25
Pictures at an Exhibition Pictures at an Exhibition 0 Get all the 58 art gallery pictures 25
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Score at least 5000 points at the shooting range 10
Projectionist Projectionist 0 Get all the cutscenes of the game 20
Sherlock Combs Sherlock Combs 0 Finish the game with 0 failed questionings 100

Secret Achievements

Drinking problems Drinking problems 0 Steal that fancy whisky from the Czar Club 25
Shadows from the past I. Shadows from the past I. 0 Talk to Marty about his feelings before confronting Wessler 10
Shadows from the past II. Shadows from the past II. 0 Talk to Marty about the case that separated the Chicken Police 10
It was her, right?! It was her, right?! 0 Get the secret ending! 100
Burn, baby, Burn! Burn, baby, Burn! 0 Die at least 3 times on the burning ship 10
Lights out Lights out 0 Kill the 2 lights of the enemy car in one of the car chase sequences 10
Golden Heart Golden Heart 0 Help Mort get a room for the night 10
For the old times sake For the old times sake 0 Visit the Hop-Dog after the first Police scene 25
Barking dogs never bite Barking dogs never bite 0 'Disturb Bloodbolye''s peace at least three times' 10
The Dame with a loaded gun The Dame with a loaded gun 0 Get to the point where Natasha kills Albert Wessler 10
Is this love? Is this love? 0 Ask Natasha about Ibn Wessler in her room 10
Police Squad! Police Squad! 0 Talk with the "super-fan" nurse at the asylum 10