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Poker Club Achievements

Full list of Poker Club achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Poker Club has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Risk It For A Biscuit Risk It For A Biscuit 0 Go all-in and win a hand 5
Handy Handy 0 Win your first hand 50
Deadly Assassin Deadly Assassin 0 Win a pot when 3 or more people are all-in 15
Cold Caller Cold Caller 0 Call two or more bets on your turn 10
Gutshot Gutshot 0 Complete an inside straight 10
A Bit On The Side A Bit On The Side 0 Win a side pot 5
Poker Joker Poker Joker 0 Complete all targets in any Poker Tour event 5
Dress To Impress Dress To Impress 0 Spend 20,000 chips on apparel 5
How I Roll How I Roll 0 Win a career total of a million chips 25
Give Your Regards To Broadway Give Your Regards To Broadway 0 Hit a 10 through ace straight 20
Showoff Showoff 0 Perform a chip trick 10
Bring It On Bring It On 0 Create a public custom tournament 5
Check Yourself Check Yourself 0 Check 100 times 10
Before You Wreck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself 0 Fold 100 hands 10
Keep Your Heads Up Keep Your Heads Up 0 Go head-to-head with any opponent 100 times 50
Three Way Three Way 0 Win with three of a kind 5
Go For It Go For It 0 Raise 100 times 10
Rank Amateur Rank Amateur 0 Reach level 5 5
In The Gang In The Gang 0 Join or create a Poker Club 5
Holding Your Own Holding Your Own 0 Reach level 20 20
Rock 'n' High Roller Rock 'n' High Roller 0 Win a career total of ten million chips 50
Rounder Rounder 0 Reach level 50 50
Philanthropic Philanthropic 0 Contribute 50 million chips to a club 50
Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog 0 Win a tournament 10
Top Dog Top Dog 0 Win 15 tournaments 15
Total Knock Out Total Knock Out 0 Knock out 5 players in a cash game 20
The Bigger They Are The Bigger They Are 0 Beat a star player 20
Choke A Dozen Donkeys Choke A Dozen Donkeys 0 Win a career total of 100 million chips 25
Poker Showdown Poker Showdown 0 Win the PCC Showdown Finale 100
Pro Player Pro Player 0 Reach level 100 100
Club Legend Club Legend 0 Own or be a member of a level 25 club 50
Poker Ace Poker Ace 0 Complete all targets in Poker Tour 50
W.H.I.P. W.H.I.P. 0 Get dealt a 7-2 10
Clubman Clubman 0 Play in a club tournament wearing club clobber 10
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Collect 50 bounties 50
Regular Punter Regular Punter 0 Collect your Daily Bonus 7 times 10
On The Button On The Button 0 Win a hand in Win The Button 10

Secret Achievements

Blindman’s Bluff Blindman’s Bluff 0 Win a hand without ever looking at your cards 5
Backdoor Backdoor 0 Hit your needed cards on the turn and the river to make your hand, and go on to win 25
Quack Quack Quack Quack 0 Have pocket twos in the hole 10
Never Give Up Never Give Up 0 Rebuy into a game 10
Bluffing Eh? Bluffing Eh? 0 Muck one or both cards face up 5
Pro Creation Pro Creation 0 Create a poker pro 20
Bet Bet Bet Bet Bet Bet 0 Make a 3-bet and win 5
Moneymaker Moneymaker 0 Win a hand with 5 and 4 offsuit as your hole cards 10