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Towaga: Among Shadows Achievements

Full list of Towaga: Among Shadows achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Towaga: Among Shadows has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Swarmers exorcist Swarmers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 500 swarmers 5
Casters exorcist Casters exorcist 0 You've exorcised 50 casters 5
Creepers exorcist Creepers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 500 creepers 5
Backfire Backfire 0 Exorcise 5 monsters by exploding a Bomber 5
Mass repel Mass repel 0 Repel 8 monsters in one blast 5
Whirlers exorcist Whirlers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 500 whirlers 5
The Controller The Controller 0 You achieved The Controller phase 5
The Void trap The Void trap 0 Exorcise 10 monsters with a single bomb in the flying phase 5
The Journal The Journal 0 Unlock all pages from Ikal's Journal 5
Crawlers exorcist Crawlers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 500 crawlers 5
The Bestiary The Bestiary 0 Fight all creatures 5
Master of the skies Master of the skies 0 Finish a flying phase without getting hit 21
Warpers exorcist Warpers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 50 warpers 21
A matter of survival A matter of survival 0 Resist 5 waves in the survival mode 21
Just in time Just in time 0 Petrify a Warper mid air 21
Constrainers exorcist Constrainers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 50 constrainers 21
Bombers exorcist Bombers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 50 bombers 21
All the Memories All the Memories 0 Unlock all the memories 21
The Missing pages The Missing pages 0 Unlock all missing pages from Ikal's Journal 21
Wreckers exorcist Wreckers exorcist 0 You've exorcised 50 wreckers 21
Survival of the fittest Survival of the fittest 0 Resist 10 waves in the survival mode 21
The Void Master The Void Master 0 Use all the spells in one single phase (Void Touch) 21
Exaltation Exaltation 0 Upgrade your build to its maximum 21
The old Kurro The old Kurro 0 Listen to all Kurro's anecdotes 21
Spell bender Spell bender 0 Use all the different spells in the survival mode 21
Spell Master Spell Master 0 Unlock all spells 79
Bright-One Masks Bright-One Masks 0 Unlock all Bright-one masks 79
Forgotten Songs Forgotten Songs 0 Unlock all instruments 79
Sacred Relics Sacred Relics 0 Unlock all relics 79
Outfits bearer Outfits bearer 0 Unlock all outfits 79
Towaga Towaga 0 Unlock all achievements 200

Secret Achievements

Light Bringer Light Bringer 0 You completed the prologue 5
Among the clouds Among the clouds 0 The light granted you with the ability to fly 5
The Illusionist The Illusionist 0 You achieved The Illusionist phase 5
The Void Son The Void Son 0 You've freed Rok'han from the void corruption 5
The Void Daughter The Void Daughter 0 You've freed Anarah from the void corruption 5
High in the sky High in the sky 0 You finished the Story Mode 5
The Void Monger The Void Monger 0 You defeated Metnal The Void Monger 5
The Explorer The Explorer 0 You discovered all the shrines 21