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Bouncy Bob 2 Achievements

Full list of Bouncy Bob 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bouncy Bob 2 has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Easy Tower Easy Tower 0 Clear tower on at least easy mode 30
Normal Tower Normal Tower 0 Clear tower on at least normal mode 50
Hard Tower Hard Tower 0 Clear tower on at least hard mode 80
Extreme Tower Extreme Tower 0 Clear tower on at least extreme mode 100
Swarm Warrior Swarm Warrior 0 Kill 200 enemies in swarm mode in single run 50
Swarm Master Swarm Master 0 Kill 1000 enemies in total in swarm mode 50
Enter the Swarm Enter the Swarm 0 Reach 10 stage in swarm 20
Hard Fight Hard Fight 0 Reach 15 stage in swarm 30
Ultimate Warrior Ultimate Warrior 0 Reach 20 stage in swarm 40
Volleyball Player Volleyball Player 0 Win volleybal match 20
Volleyball Bouncer Volleyball Bouncer 0 Hit ball 3 times in volleybal 10
Volleyball Master Volleyball Master 0 Win volleyball match without losing any point 50
Coctail with fruit pieces Coctail with fruit pieces 0 Get 3000 points in Blender Mode 20
Really Fruity Cocktail Really Fruity Cocktail 0 Get 10000 points in Blender Mode 40
Blender Master Blender Master 0 Reach 5x combo in Blender Mode 40
Arena Master Arena Master 0 Kill 100 enemies in Arena Mode 50
True Warrior True Warrior 0 Kill 5 enemies in a row in Arena Mode 40
Bomber Bomber 0 Kill 3 enemies by one bomb 40
Headache Headache 0 Kill enemy by headbutt 20
Ninja Ninja 0 Deflect shuriken 20
Roman Legionary Roman Legionary 0 Kill an enemy using spear 20
Bounce Master Bounce Master 0 Achieve Extreme Tower, Swarm Warrior, Ultimate Warrior, Really Fruity Cocktail, Volleyball Master 150

Secret Achievements

Helpful Helpful 0 Resurect friend in swarm mode 10
Non-fair-play Non-fair-play 0 Kill enemy in vollevbal match 20