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Landflix Odyssey Achievements

Full list of Landflix Odyssey achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Landflix Odyssey has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Crazy friend Crazy friend 0 Defeat Doctor Banner 25
Paddles Paddles 0 Defeat the Demodoctor 50
What a long day What a long day 0 Defeat the Undead King 25
Toll the bells Toll the bells 0 Defeat the Evil Queen 50
Impressionistic painting Impressionistic painting 0 Defeat KingPink 25
Broken Fingers Broken Fingers 0 Defeat Yubi 50
*Ding Ding* *Ding Ding* 0 Defeat Salamandra 25
I am the one who knoks you down I am the one who knoks you down 0 Defeat Pavos 50
Boxing match Boxing match 0 Defeat Twight 25
ERROR ERROR 0 Defeat the Akler 50
I'm stealthy like a ninja I'm stealthy like a ninja 0 Finish Peculiar Stuff's "The School" level 50
The Climber The Climber 0 Reach the top of a certain wall 50
Rider of dragons Rider of dragons 0 Ride a dragon across the sea 25
Silvercloack Silvercloack 0 Defeat the Evil Queen's Black Knight 20 times in a single game 50
Hope you have car insurance Hope you have car insurance 0 Completelly destroy a certain vehicle 25
Thanksgiving day Thanksgiving day 0 Slay over 100 turkeys 50
What was that? What was that? 0 Beat the drugged level in Going mad 25
Just like a cat Just like a cat 0 Kill the same zombie over and over 7 times in The Standing Zombies 50
Premium subscriber Premium subscriber 0 Grab every single coin 100
Inventor's nephew Inventor's nephew 0 Grab every single blueprint 100
Director's cut Director's cut 0 Beat every "Special features" level 100