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Seeds of Resilience Achievements

Full list of Seeds of Resilience achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Seeds of Resilience has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Survivalist Survivalist 0 Build a shelter 10
One step forward One step forward 0 Build a wattle shack 20
Wood Mastery Wood Mastery 0 Build a cabin 20
Builder Builder 0 Build a cob house 20
Stone mastery Stone mastery 0 Build a stone house 50
Craftsmaster Craftsmaster 0 Unlock all crafts 50
Master builder Master builder 0 Unlock all buildings 100
All for one All for one 0 Unlock every character 120
Ship's carpenter Ship's carpenter 0 Win survival game by building a boat 75
Through the storm land Through the storm land 0 Win survival game in merciless difficulty 150
Cosy hamlet Cosy hamlet 0 Have 6 villagers comfortably sleeping 25
The birth of a hero The birth of a hero 0 Have a character start a day with 16 hours of work 20
Jack of all trades Jack of all trades 0 Have a villager master every skill 20
Animal care Animal care 0 Win a survival game without "using" animals 150
They didn't stand a chance They didn't stand a chance 0 Die during the tutorial 10
No harm in taking a break No harm in taking a break 0 Waste 100 hours of work 25
Tireless Tireless 0 Use 5,000 hours of work 50
Resilience Resilience 0 Reach turn 100 30
Pirate Pirate 0 Open 50 crates 30
Elbow grease Elbow grease 0 Use 2,500 hours of work 25