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Wonder Blade Achievements

Full list of Wonder Blade achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wonder Blade has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Escapists The Escapists 0 Escaped from the stone giant without any hurt. 30
Beast Master Beast Master 0 kill 20 enemies by riding dinosaurs. 15
Dream Killer Dream Killer 0 Raid 4 sleeping goblins in Savage Cave. 15
Smart Driver Smart Driver 0 Driving the carriage without any hurts. 30
Fishing Man Fishing Man 0 Kill 30 piranhas on Sharp Teeth Bay. 15
The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker 0 Remove 4 bombs in 45 seconds. 30
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible 0 Don't get hurts by lasers in Electric Trap. 30
ACE ACE 0 Kill 20 enemies by driving fist robot. 15
Skimeister Skimeister 0 Don't get any hurts during skiing. 30
Enter Nowhere Enter Nowhere 0 Chose the wrong way 3 times in House Of Terror. 15
High Protein High Protein 0 Kill 30 worms in the battle with the Giant Skull. 15
Meal Addition Meal Addition 0 Cut off 2 tentacles of Sea Monster without any hurts. 30
Smasher Smasher 0 Destroy the car in 30 seconds in bonus stage. 15
Booze Up Booze Up 0 Break up more than 95 barrels in bonus stage. 15
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Get 10 weapons. 15
Armory Armory 0 Get all weapons. 30
Black Friday Black Friday 0 Spend over 10000 coins. 15
Arsonist Arsonist 0 Often use fire magic in the battle. 15
Keep Fresh Keep Fresh 0 Often use ice magic in the battle. 15
The Power Of Thor The Power Of Thor 0 Often use electric magic in the battle. 15
Battle Scarred Battle Scarred 0 Kill 300 enemies. 30
Sweeper Sweeper 0 Execute 10 or more enemies in one scene. 15
Burning Hands Burning Hands 0 Hit 150 combos. 15
Never Stop Never Stop 0 Hit 300 combos. 30
Crasher Crasher 0 Kill 4 enemies at the same time with ultimate technique. 15
Tornado Tornado 0 Hit 3 or more enemies during spin attack. 15
Change Your Mood Change Your Mood 0 Get the first outfit. 15
Fashion Star Fashion Star 0 Get all outfits. 30
First Pot Of Gold First Pot Of Gold 0 Get 5000 coins. 15
Rich Man Rich Man 0 Get 15000 coins. 30
Ranger Ranger 0 Level up to 20. 15
Hero Hero 0 Level up to 40. 30
Warhammer Warhammer 0 Beat the Chariot without using any items. 15
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter 0 Beat the Big Beast without using any items. 15
Good Gather Good Spread Good Gather Good Spread 0 Beat the Big Slime before it gets together. 15
Goblin's Confession Goblin's Confession 0 Beat the Goblin King without using any items. 15
Fish Dinner Fish Dinner 0 Beat the Big Piranha without using any items. 15
Insect Killer Insect Killer 0 Beat the Spider Queen without using any items. 15
Technology Explosion Technology Explosion 0 Beat the RoboCop without using any items. 15
Frozen Frozen 0 Beat the Ice Girl without using any items. 15
See The Truth See The Truth 0 Beat the Death Eye without using any items. 30
Ash One Ash One 0 Beat the Giant Skull without using any items. 30
Seafood Feast Seafood Feast 0 Beat the Sea Monster without using any items. 30
Unfinished Journey Unfinished Journey 0 Complete all levels. 90
Platinum Platinum 0 I Am Legend Unlock all achievements. 40