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60 Parsecs Achievements

Full list of 60 Parsecs achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

60 Parsecs has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Don't Panic! Don't Panic! 0 Make it to the shuttle before nuclear impact. 15
All Seats Taken All Seats Taken 0 Rescue three crewmates from the station during one playthrough. 15
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Upgrade an item. 15
Space Engineer Space Engineer 0 Upgrade a system. 20
The Improvinator The Improvinator 0 Upgrade all items (across multiple playthroughs). 25
Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover 0 Upgrade all shuttle systems (across multiple playthroughs). 30
That's No Moon! That's No Moon! 0 Visit all locations on Robotofu. 30
Feels like home Feels like home 0 Visit all locations on Phobonos. 30
Bovine Domain Bovine Domain 0 Visit all locations on Mootopia. 30
Gold Medalist Gold Medalist 0 Reach an ending as Deedee. 15
For Science! For Science! 0 Reach an ending as Emmet. 15
Second Life Second Life 0 Reach an ending as Baby. 15
Non-Fiction Non-Fiction 0 Reach an ending as Tom. 15
Flawless Maegangement Flawless Maegangement 0 Reach an ending as Maegan. 15
Space Colonization Space Colonization 0 Crash land on a planet. 15
Friendzone Friendzone 0 Make a friend. 15
Mutiny in making Mutiny in making 0 Make an enemy. 15
Across The Stars Across The Stars 0 Find a soulmate. 15
Bingpot! Bingpot! 0 Reach personal goals for every captain. 90
Stay Cool Stay Cool 0 Die in space. 15
Dust to Dust Dust to Dust 0 Perish on a planet. 15
Crafty Crafty 0 Craft 10 items. 15
Eco-Shuttle Eco-Shuttle 0 Recycle 10 items. 15
Fix-It Felix Fix-It Felix 0 Repair 10 items. 15
Space Explorer Space Explorer 0 Go on 10 successful expeditions. 30
Hello World Hello World 0 Fix the communicator console after landing. 15
No Man Left Behind No Man Left Behind 0 Reach any ending with a full crew. 70
2018: A Soup Odyssey 2018: A Soup Odyssey 0 Collect 111 cans of soup from the station. 30
Hands Full Hands Full 0 Collect each item from the station at least once. 30
Intergalactic Breakup Intergalactic Breakup 0 Dump your soulmate for someone else. 15
Meet the Petersons Meet the Petersons 0 Befriend the unlikely neighbors. 15
Axel jump in space! Axel jump in space! 0 Told you it was an achievement. 30
No Ticket No Ticket 0 Out the airlock with you. 15
KIA KIA 0 And you thought you were safe. 15
Et tu, Astrocitizen? Et tu, Astrocitizen? 0 Discover a traitor. 15
AAARGH! AAARGH! 0 Become a space monster's dinner. 15
First of April First of April 0 Reach an ending as April. 15
Small Step Small Step 0 Complete 6 Missions successfully. 90
Giant Leap Giant Leap 0 Fulfill all objectives in 6 different Missions. 90