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Evil West Achievements

Full list of Evil West achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Evil West has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Novice Novice 0 Beat the game on Novice difficulty or higher 15
Adept Adept 0 Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher 30
Expert Expert 0 Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher 85
Weird West Superhero Weird West Superhero 0 Beat the game on Evil difficulty 100
Boys'n'Toys Boys'n'Toys 0 Have all Weapon Upgrades activated at the same time 30
Pew Pew Die Pew Pew Die 0 Kill at least 30 enemies with each electrically-augmented firearm 15
Field Agent Field Agent 0 Find all hidden perks 15
Chest Nuts Chest Nuts 0 Pick up all cash on all missions 15
Monsterball Monsterball 0 Cannonball enemies 50 times 15
Slam Champion Slam Champion 0 Slam enemies 100 times 15
Pointless Violence Pointless Violence 0 Perform 15 finishers 15
In the Feels In the Feels 0 Hit 45 weakspots 15
E-Rodeo E-Rodeo 0 Kill 20 enemies using the E-Combo 15
Mighty Mitten Mighty Mitten 0 Kill 10 enemies in a row using only Gauntlet after obtaining the Revolver 15
Chewing Volts Chewing Volts 0 Use 15 Energy charges 15
Sever Forever Sever Forever 0 Tear off 100 limbs from enemies 15

Secret Achievements

Calico Calico 0 Visit Calico for the first time 15
Adapt or Die Adapt or Die 0 Defeat the Bruch 30
Ticks and	Leeches Ticks and Leeches 0 Defeat The Parasiter 30
Drop of Blood Drop of Blood 0 Defeat William Rentier 30
Ancient Blood Ancient Blood 0 Defeat Felicity D'Abano 85
Spark of Hope Spark of Hope 0 Activate the Supercharged Mode for the first time 15
Weren't You Listening? Weren't You Listening? 0 Defeat the Bruch on Evil difficulty 30
Minor Deity Minor Deity 0 Defeat The Parasiter on Evil difficulty 30
Then You Died Then You Died 0 Defeat William Rentier on Evil difficulty 30
Bleed You Out Bleed You Out 0 Defeat the Bruch without letting it heal. 70
Bio Friendly Bio Friendly 0 Defeat The Parasiter without killing any of the minions 70
Father's Day Father's Day 0 Defeat William Rentier in less than 6 minutes 70
Best the Beast Best the Beast 0 Defeat Felicity D'Abano without using the HP dispenser 70