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Tiny Hands Adventure Achievements

Full list of Tiny Hands Adventure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tiny Hands Adventure has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Water Guardian Water Guardian 0 Defeat First Boss 100
Earth Guardian Earth Guardian 0 Defeat Second Boss 100
Air Guardian Air Guardian 0 Defeat Third Boss 100
Fire Guardian Fire Guardian 0 Defeat Fourth Boss 100
Guardian Fairy Guardian Fairy 0 Defeat Fifth Boss 150
Getting Harder Getting Harder 0 Finish one hard stage 25
Breaking A Sweat Breaking A Sweat 0 Finish 10 hard stages 50
You Call That Hard? You Call That Hard? 0 Finish all hard stages 100
Won't Go Down Today Won't Go Down Today 0 Hold 30 lives at same time 100
Protected Protected 0 Get double shield 25
Cool New Tool Cool New Tool 0 Use drill 25
Catch! Catch! 0 Use grabber 25
Octopus? Octopus? 0 Use mechanical arms 25
The Stick Of Truth? The Stick Of Truth? 0 Use wooden sticks 25
Those Games Are Way Too Hard Those Games Are Way Too Hard 0 Die 25
Collect Them All Collect Them All 0 Get all 5 crystals in one stage 25