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Tunche Achievements

Full list of Tunche achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tunche has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The More You Know The More You Know 0 Unlock 30 Compendium entries 90
Their Story Their Story 0 Read all four Story Chapters for every character 90
Devil May Care Devil May Care 0 Reach a SSS Stylish Grade 90
Transcendence Transcendence 0 Buy all Skills for one character 90
Real Heroes Real Heroes 0 Help all Harvesters fully personalize their camp 90
Happily ever after... ? Happily ever after... ? 0 Beat all the bosses with each character 100
Delusions of Grandeur Delusions of Grandeur 0 Defeat Runapuma 30
Ruinous Desire Ruinous Desire 0 Defeat the Prisoner 30
Tantalizing Power Tantalizing Power 0 Defeat the Final Boss 30
Skilled Investor Skilled Investor 0 Successfully complete 20 challenges 30
Legendary Victory! Legendary Victory! 0 Defeat a boss without taking any damage 30
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 0 Obtain all Spiritual Cores 30
Hard Contact Zoo Hard Contact Zoo 0 Beat every type of enemy once 30
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Defeat 1000 enemies 30
Been Here Before Been Here Before 0 Enter the jungle 50 times 30
Stylish Hero Stylish Hero 0 Obtain 500 entropy 30
Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle 0 Enter the jungle 15
Essential Purchase Essential Purchase 0 Buy a Skill 15
Power to the Core Power to the Core 0 Obtain a Spiritual Core 15
Once Upon a time Once Upon a time 0 Read a Story Chapter of any character 15
Territorial Madness Territorial Madness 0 Defeat Mapinguari 15
Nauseous Charm Nauseous Charm 0 Defeat Boutu 15
Small Talk Small Talk 0 Talk with everybody at camp at least once 15
Strategic Footing Strategic Footing 0 Defeat 4 or more enemies with a single Super Attack 15
Chance Encounter Chance Encounter 0 Rescue a Harvester 15
First of Many First of Many 0 Successfully complete one Challenge 15