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Habroxia 2 Achievements

Full list of Habroxia 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Habroxia 2 has 43 achievements worth 1100 gamerscore

Moon Rocks Moon Rocks 0 Defeat the Guardian of the Ore. 25
Time to Hide Time to Hide 0 Defeat the Asteroid Destroyer. 25
Blood and Rockets Blood and Rockets 0 Defeat the Sorter of Value. 25
Cowgirl in the Sand Cowgirl in the Sand 0 Defeat the Ecology Keeper. 25
Be Miner Be Miner 0 Defeat the Deep Space Drill. 25
Little Wing Little Wing 0 Defeat the Warden. 25
Lady Midnight Lady Midnight 0 Defeat the Subterranean Fugitive. 25
Straight Shooter Straight Shooter 0 Defeat the Rogue Defender. 25
Disarm Disarm 0 Defeat the Volatile Centrifuge. 25
Hands Hands 0 Defeat the Field Scholar. 25
Some Strange Rain Some Strange Rain 0 Defeat the Mobile Filtration System. 25
Farewell Transmission Farewell Transmission 0 Defeat the Armament Engineer. 25
Happiness Is A Warm Gun Happiness Is A Warm Gun 0 Defeat the Nuclear Cruiser. 25
Cannon Cannon 0 Defeat the Foreman. 25
How To Disappear Completely How To Disappear Completely 0 Defeat the Senatorial Protector. 25
Black Mirror Black Mirror 0 Defeat the Lodestar. 25
Stick to Yr Guns Stick to Yr Guns 0 Defeat the Megalithic Gunship. 25
On Sight On Sight 0 Defeat the Fusion Cannon. 25
Binary Love Binary Love 0 Defeat the Twin Fighters. 25
Astronomy Domine Astronomy Domine 0 Defeat the Control Mainframe. 25
Myth Myth 0 Defeat the Terrible Experiment. 25
Galaxy Galaxy 0 Defeat Galactic Chaos. 25
Afterimage Afterimage 0 Remember the Proxima Centurai Incident. 25
Breakdown Breakdown 0 Fail to complete a level. 25
Can't Find My Heart Can't Find My Heart 0 Finish a level with 25 health (or less). 25
Help Me Help Me 0 Rescue a Lost Astronaut. 25
Let Me Get There Let Me Get There 0 Achieve an S rank on any level. 25
Lift Off Lift Off 0 Finish the tutorial. 25
No Compassion No Compassion 0 Kill 10 Lost Astronauts. 25
Obstacle 1 Obstacle 1 0 Successfully hunt a bounty. 25
Show You the Way Show You the Way 0 Discover an alternate route. 25
The Chase The Chase 0 Destroy a boss by boosting. 25
Haste Make Haste Make 0 Complete Boost Rush Mode. 25
Homesick Homesick 0 Rescue all Lost Astronauts. 25
She's Gone She's Gone 0 Finish Level 1 on New Game+. 25
To Death With You To Death With You 0 Achieve an A rank (or higher) in Boss Rush Mode. 25
Unattainable Unattainable 0 Achieve a 100x combo. 25
Just Say Goodbye Just Say Goodbye 0 Complete New Game+. 25
Pure Gold Pure Gold 0 Hold more than 1,000 credits at once. 25
The Hunter The Hunter 0 Successfully hunt all bounties. 25

Habroxia 2 - Title Update

There are 3 achievements with a total of 100 points.

Textbook Textbook 0 Defeat the Ancient Archive. 25
Hi-Speed Soul Hi-Speed Soul 0 Complete Boost Rush Mode Level 2. 25
It's Impossible It's Impossible 0 Complete New Game++. 50