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Speed Limit Achievements

Full list of Speed Limit achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Speed Limit has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Is your Commute Killing you? Is your Commute Killing you? 0 Complete Stage 1 on normal mode 30
Hot Lead Roof Hot Lead Roof 0 Complete Stage 2 on normal mode 30
Driving me Crazy Driving me Crazy 0 Complete Stage 3 on normal mode 30
Traffic Marmalade Traffic Marmalade 0 Complete Stage 4 on normal mode 30
Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge 0 Complete Stage 5 on normal mode 30
Got to the Choppa! Got to the Choppa! 0 Complete Stage 6 on normal mode 30
Let the Sunshine in Let the Sunshine in 0 Complete Stage 7 on normal mode 30
You're Fired! You're Fired! 0 Complete Stage 8 on normal mode 30
You Spin me Right Round You Spin me Right Round 0 Complete Stage 9 on normal mode 30
Who's the Boss Now?! Who's the Boss Now?! 0 Complete Stage 10 on normal mode 30
OST of the Year OST of the Year 0 Enjoy the elevator music for 10 minutes 30
Nostalgia Trip Nostalgia Trip 0 Enter the most famous cheat code 30
Wicked Sick! Wicked Sick! 0 Don't miss a shot on Stage 1 30
I can do this All Day I can do this All Day 0 Kill 100 conga line guys without dying 30
Jim Doesn't Care Jim Doesn't Care 0 He just doesn't care 30
Chuck, is that you? Chuck, is that you? 0 Don't kill the bazooka guy 30
Full Throttle Full Throttle 0 Don't stop accelerating while on a bike 30
You can't Swim! You can't Swim! 0 Land into water and drown 30
Missed Last Boarding Call Missed Last Boarding Call 0 Fail to enter the choppa 30
I Identify as an Attack Helicopter I Identify as an Attack Helicopter 0 Take no damage when driving choppa 30
Man with the Golden Missile Man with the Golden Missile 0 Fire exactly one missile from choppa 30
Ace Pilot Ace Pilot 0 Kill 5 enemies on Stage 9 30
Blue Steel Blue Steel 0 Complete Stage 10 by only moving left 30
Missing the Point Missing the Point 0 Destroy the final boss' paint job 30
Well, that was Easy Well, that was Easy 0 Complete easy mode 30
The End The End 0 Complete normal mode 30
Time is Relative Time is Relative 0 Complete normal mode under 30:00 50

Secret Achievements

Seppuku? Seppuku? 0 Shoot your future self 30
Closed your Loop Early? Closed your Loop Early? 0 Shoot your past self 30
Balls of Steel Balls of Steel 0 Survive 5 impacts with plane debris 30
Shooting Hoops Shooting Hoops 0 Fall through both plane wing holes 30
How can the same thing happen to me twice How can the same thing happen to me twice 0 Complete 2 loops in infinite mode 50