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Project Winter Achievements

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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Pacifist Pacifist 0 Play 10 games without killing anyone 20
You Go First You Go First 0 Escape on the second vehicle called from the cabin radio 20
Cooperation is Key Cooperation is Key 0 Operate a coop console 25 times 20
Hands-Off Killer Hands-Off Killer 0 As a Traitor, have no Survivors living without directly killing any of them 50
Brave New World Brave New World 0 Explore the entire map in one game 20
Super Traitor Super Traitor 0 Double cross (kill) the other traitor when playing as traitor 10
Last One Standing Last One Standing 0 Be the only one left alive 50
Blacksmith Blacksmith 0 Craft 20 items in one game 10
One is the Loneliest Number One is the Loneliest Number 0 Escape on a vehicle by yourself 50
No One Left Behind No One Left Behind 0 Escape on a vehicle with five other survivors 75
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 Chop down 100 trees 10
Miner Miner 0 Destroy 75 rocks 10
Gatherer Gatherer 0 Harvest 200 berries 10
Hunter Hunter 0 Kill 50 animals 10
Health Freak Health Freak 0 Eat 100 roots 10
Clandestine Clandestine 0 Use 10 traitor airdrop abilities 20
Assassin Assassin 0 Knock down 10 survivors as a traitor 50
Is There Anybody Out There? Is There Anybody Out There? 0 Call the rescue from the cabin radio 20
Tell Our Story Tell Our Story 0 Be the only one to escape in a game 50
Leaving on a Jet Plane Leaving on a Jet Plane 0 Escape on the escape pod 20
The Deceit is Real The Deceit is Real 0 As a traitor, hit the 'repair' button on 10 survivor objectives 10
Well Done Well Done 0 Complete 5 bonus objectives 20
OverAchiever OverAchiever 0 Complete 25 bonus objectives 50
I'm a Survivor I'm a Survivor 0 Escape as a survivor 10
Et tu, Brute? Et tu, Brute? 0 Kill a survivor as a traitor 10
What's in the Box? What's in the Box? 0 Complete the traitor team goal without opening a single traitor cache 20
Testing Physical Limits Testing Physical Limits 0 Stay outside for the entire duration of blizzard events for one game 10
Vigilante Justice Vigilante Justice 0 Kill two traitors in a game as a survivor 20
Better Late than Never Better Late than Never 0 Escape within the last minute of the round 10
Tight Schedule Tight Schedule 0 Escape within 15 minutes from the start of the game 20
Women and Children First Women and Children First 0 Be the last survivor to board an escape 20
Little Red Hen Little Red Hen 0 As a survivor, hit the 'repair' button on both objectives, and call for the rescue 75
Psychological Warfare Psychological Warfare 0 Use the truth serum 3 times on a player while playing as a traitor 50
The Truth Shall Set You Free The Truth Shall Set You Free 0 Use the truth serum 3 times on a player while playing as a survivor 20
Double Agent Double Agent 0 As a survivor, kill a traitor, swap clothes with them, then kill the other traitor 80
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise 0 Swap clothes with 20 corpses 20
Poisoner Poisoner 0 Poison 10 interactable objects 10
Baby Steps Baby Steps 0 Complete the tutorial 10