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Bonkies Achievements

Full list of Bonkies achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bonkies has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Company Mascot Company Mascot 0 Solo campaign completed! 50
Team of the Month Team of the Month 0 Co-op campaign completed! 100
Bye Bye, Earth Bye Bye, Earth 0 Astronaut training complete! 25
Moon Office Open Moon Office Open 0 Moon campaign completed! 50
Mars Future Proofed Mars Future Proofed 0 Mars campaign complete! 50
Titan Online Titan Online 0 Titan campaign complete! 50
Europa Industrialized Europa Industrialized 0 Europa campaign complete! 50
Bonkie Learns to Stack Bonkie Learns to Stack 0 Solo astronaut training complete! 25
Earth Aced Earth Aced 0 All bananas on Earth collected! 75
Moon Aced Moon Aced 0 All bananas on The Moon collected! 75
Mars Aced Mars Aced 0 All bananas on Mars collected! 75
Titan Aced Titan Aced 0 All bananas on Titan collected! 75
Europa Aced Europa Aced 0 All bananas on Europa collected! 75
B.S.R. Aced B.S.R. Aced 0 All bananas on Banana Space Republic collected! 75
Training Station Aced Training Station Aced 0 All bananas on Bonkie Training Station collected! 75
Pluto Aced Pluto Aced 0 All bananas collected on Pluto! 75