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Adios Achievements

Full list of Adios achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Adios has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Butcher Butcher 0 Fed the pigs a hearty meal. 50
Hard Worker Hard Worker 0 You shoveled the most, like a champ. 20
Lazy Bones Lazy Bones 0 You've shoveled plenty in your time. 20
Fair's Fair Fair's Fair 0 You've shoveled your fair share. 20
Sniper Sniper 0 You won at horseshoes. 50
Bottoms Up Bottoms Up 0 You tossed the Hitman a soda. 20
A Man of Taste A Man of Taste 0 You threw the Hitman his favorite soda. 50
Right On Target Right On Target 0 You hit him with goat milk. 50
Mechanic Mechanic 0 You started the car. 50
Nice Try Nice Try 0 You thought about shooting the shooter. 50
Ace in the Hole Ace in the Hole 0 You didn't miss a single shot in skeet. 50
Be Seeing You Be Seeing You 0 You told him goodbye. 50
Cut Call Cut Call 0 You cut a phone call short. 20
Nothing Left to Say Nothing Left to Say 0 You got a busy signal. 20
Master, Commander Master, Commander 0 You caught The Admiral. 50
Hearty Hearty 0 Your final meal was a stew. 30
Spicy Spicy 0 Your final meal was a curry. 30
Meaty Meaty 0 Your final meal was steak and potatoes. 30
Taco Toto Taco Toto 0 You ate a leftover burrito for your final meal. 20
Adios, Friendo Adios, Friendo 0 You breathed your last. 150
Piano Man Piano Man 0 You've got us feeling alright. 30
Vinyl Vibes Vinyl Vibes 0 You listened to a single record. 20
Magnetic Miracles Magnetic Miracles 0 You listened to a single tape. 20
Audiophile Audiophile 0 You listened to every record in the house. 50
Tape Head Tape Head 0 You listened to every tape in the house. 50