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Shredders Achievements

Full list of Shredders achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shredders has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Work those calves Work those calves 0 Jumped 1000 times 20
Mind the gap Mind the gap 0 Completed 10 gaps 10
Mind (all) the gaps Mind (all) the gaps 0 Completed 25 gaps 50
Souvenir Souvenir 0 Collected 10 collectibles 10
Souvenir Addiction Souvenir Addiction 0 Collected 40 collectibles 50
Tough one Tough one 0 Bailed 100 times 50
Nice Workout Nice Workout 0 Rode 50km 10
Taxi! Taxi! 0 Called the snowmobile 50 times 50
Discount please! Discount please! 0 Called the snowmobile 500 times 50
Just cruising Just cruising 0 Rode 10 km with the snowmobile 10
Looks easy on TV Looks easy on TV 0 Landed a double backflip 30
Spin like it's 1998 Spin like it's 1998 0 Landed a 1080 10
Copernicus would be proud Copernicus would be proud 0 Spun a total of 360.000 50
Brand Manager Brand Manager 0 Landed a 540 Indy 10
Spelling Bee Spelling Bee 0 Collected all the SHRED letters in a mission 100
Looking like a Pro Looking like a Pro 0 Unlocked all the gear in the game 100
Knee high Knee high 0 Rode 10 km of deep snow 10
Trying to impress me? Trying to impress me? 0 Got a Score of over 6666 in a single trick 10
Make up your mind Make up your mind 0 Transfered 3 rails 10
Drop goal! Drop goal! 0 Jumped over the Rugby pole at the park 10
Buddy Shred Buddy Shred 0 Played in a private session 20

Secret Achievements

Planet Zebulon Planet Zebulon 0 Completed the Fast As Hell Mission 10
Chronicles of Gnarnia Chronicles of Gnarnia 0 Completed the Cliff Drop Mission 10
Side Hits Euphoria Side Hits Euphoria 0 Completed The Beat The Street Mission 10
Endless blank canvas Endless blank canvas 0 Completed the AirBorne Mission 10
Boss of the Factory Boss of the Factory 0 Completed the Factory Worker Mission 10
Natural Perfection Natural Perfection 0 Completed the Forest Cross Mission 10
This is money! This is money! 0 Completed the Hit The Streets Mission 10
Tornados in the mountains Tornados in the mountains 0 Completed the Canyon Jump Mission 10
The King of Spin The King of Spin 0 Completed the Spin Dizzy Mission 10
We are the pre-party We are the pre-party 0 Completed the We Own The Sky Mission 10
Roof top runner Roof top runner 0 Completed The Village Roof Run Mission 10
The Stunt Team The Stunt Team 0 Completed The Dammed Mission 10
Keeping steezy with Sebbe Keeping steezy with Sebbe 0 Completed The Lawn Darts Mission 10
Were you even invited? Were you even invited? 0 Rocked the invitational! 200