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Rack N Ruin Achievements

Full list of Rack N Ruin achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rack N Ruin has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Seed of Darkness Seed of Darkness 0 Corrupt the first shrine. 10
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 0 Defeat Amon. 10
Pesticide Pesticide 0 Banish Nihil. 10
Freedom Freedom 0 Escape the Crystal Prison. 10
Desecrator Desecrator 0 Destroy the Goddess. 10
Bomb Swatter Bomb Swatter 0 Hit a bomb with the Blade of Ruin. 10
Ninja Kitty's Demise Ninja Kitty's Demise 0 Kill a Leopard Guardian without triggering the roll. 10
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Beat the game less than in 1 hour and 45 minutes. 10
Dependency Dependency 0 Use 10 Wisp Dusts. 10
River of Tears River of Tears 0 Destroy a Water Elemental. 10
Lord of Death Lord of Death 0 Kill 5000 enemies. 10
Lord of Greed Lord of Greed 0 Earn 150,000 souls. 10
End Bringer End Bringer 0 Finish the game. 50
Wave Rider Wave Rider 0 Defeat all the wave spawners. 50
Champion of Darkness Champion of Darkness 0 Corrupt all the shrines. 50
Otherworldly Peddler Otherworldly Peddler 0 Fully stock Baba Yaga's shop. 50
Pyrophobia Pyrophobia 0 Destroy Amon without using fire damage. 50
Self Preservationist Self Preservationist 0 Destroy the Guardian without ever taking damage. 50
How Quickly They Fall How Quickly They Fall 0 Destroy the Crystalized Hero in less than 105 seconds. 50
Biotechnic Disaster Biotechnic Disaster 0 Destroy the Goddess without using abilities or spellbooks. 50
Cephalid Slaughter Cephalid Slaughter 0 Destroy the Demon Governor using only the boomerang. 50
Champion of Light and Dark Champion of Light and Dark 0 Finish the game on Hard difficulty. 60
Soul Collector Soul Collector 0 Find all 10 Souls of the Innocent. 60
Master Key Master Key 0 Unlock all key doors. 60
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Collect all usable items, upgrade items, and ability upgrades. 60
The True Master The True Master 0 Destroy Ruin without using healing items. 60

Secret Achievements

Early Explorer Early Explorer 0 Find the The Groto secret. 10
Riddle Master Riddle Master 0 Solve the vampiric ring riddle. 10
Enchanter Enchanter 0 Enchant the amulet. 10
Body Trader Body Trader 0 Resurrect Sally. 50
Sate the Hunger Sate the Hunger 0 Feed the pile of gunk to Norbit the demon. 50