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Yakuza 3 Remastered Achievements

Full list of Yakuza 3 Remastered achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Yakuza 3 Remastered has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

World's Greatest Dad World's Greatest Dad 0 Earn all other achievements in the game. 85
Substory Dabbler Substory Dabbler 0 Complete 10 substories. 15
Substory Fan Substory Fan 0 Complete 30 substories. 15
Substory Enthusiast Substory Enthusiast 0 Complete 50 substories. 15
Substory Addict Substory Addict 0 Complete 80 substories. 15
Substory Completionist Substory Completionist 0 Complete all substories. 60
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Apprehend all hitmen. 15
Fat Cat Fat Cat 0 Spend 300,000 yen in one visit to a hostess club. 15
Fashionista Fashionista 0 Create a fashionable hostess. 15
Key Collector Key Collector 0 Open a total of 10 lockers in Kamurocho and Downtown Ryukyu. 15
Gourmet Aficionado Gourmet Aficionado 0 Order the most expensive item in all restaurants. 15
Heat Action Pro Heat Action Pro 0 Finish 10 battles with Heat Actions. 15
Legendary Champion Legendary Champion 0 Claim victory in all Coliseum tournaments. 15
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Make a modded weapon. 15
Blogging Debut Blogging Debut 0 Have your first Revelation. 15
Path of the Warrior Path of the Warrior 0 Encounter all the masters. 15
Touchy-Feely Touchy-Feely 0 Play both massage modes. 15
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Get a hat trick in darts. 15
Break Ace Break Ace 0 Get a break ace in nine-ball pool. 15
Karaoke King Karaoke King 0 Sing all songs at karaoke. 15
Fowl Play Fowl Play 0 Get a turkey while bowling. 15
Tag Hoarder Tag Hoarder 0 Earn a combined total of 3,000 points in cee-lo, cho-han, koi-koi, and oicho-kabu. 15
Chip Hoarder Chip Hoarder 0 Earn a combined total of 3,000 points in poker, roulette, and blackjack. 15
Pro Gamer Pro Gamer 0 Win 5 stuffed animals in UFO Catcher and get a high score in a shooting game. 15
Unwavering Shogi Player Unwavering Shogi Player 0 Win a game of shogi without ever moving your king. 15
Exposed Dragon Exposed Dragon 0 Win a hand of mahjong when you only have 1 tile concealed. 15
Nice Hitter Nice Hitter 0 Hit 2 panels with one ball in the Hard Game at the batting cage. 15
Power Driver Power Driver 0 Hit a 350-yard drive during a tournament in golf. 15
Big Tuna Big Tuna 0 Catch a tuna. 15
Minigame Master Minigame Master 0 Complete all minigames. 60
Ultimate Challenger Ultimate Challenger 0 Play all rounds in Ultimate Match mode after beating the game. 15
Testament to Strength Testament to Strength 0 Beat the game on Legend difficulty. 60
Marathon Runner Marathon Runner 0 Run 42.195km. 15
Compulsive Vandal Compulsive Vandal 0 Break 30 weapons picked up in battle. 15
Walking Bank Walking Bank 0 Accumulate 10,000,000 yen. 30

Secret Achievements

Mad Dog Tamed Mad Dog Tamed 0 Defeat Majima in Chapter 1. 15
Snake Charmer Snake Charmer 0 Defeat Rikiya in Chapter 2. 15
With Family Like Mine... With Family Like Mine... 0 Defeat Tamashiro in Chapter 3. 15
The Dust Settles The Dust Settles 0 Defeat Hasebe in Chapter 4. 15
Right Up My Alley Right Up My Alley 0 Defeat the man in black in Chapter 5. 15
King of Pleasure King of Pleasure 0 Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6. 15
Just Like Old Times Just Like Old Times 0 Defeat Majima again in Chapter 7. 15
Wilting Flower Wilting Flower 0 Defeat Lau Ka Long in Chapter 8. 15
Pole Position Pole Position 0 Defeat Joji Kazama in Chapter 10. 15
The End of Ambition The End of Ambition 0 Defeat Mine in Chapter 12. 30
Thank You! Thank You! 0 Complete the game. 15
Careless Dragon Careless Dragon 0 Knock over 100 people. 15
People Watcher People Watcher 0 Initiate 3 battles using first-person mode. 15
Volunteer Volunteer 0 Pick up 5 pieces of trash from the beach in front of Morning Glory. 15
Master Environmentalist Master Environmentalist 0 Pick up 30 pieces of trash from the beach in front of Morning Glory. 30

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