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MLB The Show 21 Achievements

Full list of MLB The Show 21 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

MLB The Show 21 has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

No Baseball Is Safe No Baseball Is Safe 0 Hit 100 home runs throughout any combination of modes (any mode - offline or online). 70
Quality Win Quality Win 0 Win a 9-inning game only allowing three hits or less (Excludes local multiplayer and practice mode). 70
Mowing Them Down Mowing Them Down 0 Strike out six batters or more within the first 3 innings (Excludes local multiplayer and practice). 70
Welcome to The Show! Welcome to The Show! 0 In Road To The Show, get called up to the MLB® Level. 70
WORLD SERIES® Champs WORLD SERIES® Champs 0 Win a WORLD SERIES® in March to October. 70
Winning In Style Winning In Style 0 Win a game on any walk-off (3 inn min. Excludes local multiplayer, practice, FF, switching teams). 70
Dugout Walk Dugout Walk 0 Successfully pick-off a runner on any base (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, switching teams). 40
Power Swing Power Swing 0 Hit 50 home runs throughout any combination of modes (offline or online). 40
OCTOBER BASEBALL™ OCTOBER BASEBALL™ 0 Win a Division Series in March to October to advance. 40
The Long Road The Long Road 0 In Road to the Show, get the call to the Triple-A level. 40
HOME RUN DERBY® Champ HOME RUN DERBY® Champ 0 Win a HOME RUN DERBY® (any mode - offline or online). 40
Friendly Gesture Friendly Gesture 0 With Pinpoint pitching, strike out 3 batters within an inning (Excludes local multiplayer, practice) 40
Pitch Collector Pitch Collector 0 During any plate appearance, see ten or more pitches (Excludes local multiplayer and practice). 40
All About Hustle All About Hustle 0 Collect four hits or more within a game with a single player (Excludes local multiplayer, practice). 40
Work That Count Work That Count 0 After falling behind in the count 0-2, work back to a full 3-2 count (Excludes local multiplayer). 40
I'm Walkin' Here!! I'm Walkin' Here!! 0 Record 8 or more team walks within a game (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, switching teams). 40
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack 0 Advance a runner into scoring position or score a run with a sac bunt (Excludes local multiplayer). 20
Strength & Energy Strength & Energy 0 Hit 25 home runs throughout any combination of modes (offline or online). 20
On The Path To Greatness On The Path To Greatness 0 In Road to the Show, get drafted by an MLB® team. 20
That Looks Classy That Looks Classy 0 Equip any bat-skin onto your Road to the Show player or Diamond Dynasty team. 20
Baseball Satellite Baseball Satellite 0 Hit a 425+ foot home run in any stadium (any mode - offline or online). 20
Chopping Firewood Chopping Firewood 0 As a pitcher, break a hitter's bat (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, and switching teams). 20
Free Ticket To 1st Free Ticket To 1st 0 Draw a walk with the first batter of an inning (Excludes local multiplayer, franchise and practice). 20
Fast Track Fast Track 0 In March to October, fast-track a prospect by earning a boost in a minor league player-lock episode. 20
Grand Opening Grand Opening 0 Open your first player card pack. (Awarded through the front-end inventory menu, opening any pack). 20