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Judgment Achievements

Full list of Judgment achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Judgment has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Game is Afoot The Game is Afoot 0 Retrieved the money from the Horseplayer Detective. 10
Trust Issues Trust Issues 0 Completed Chapter 2. 15
Skeletons in the Closet Skeletons in the Closet 0 Completed Chapter 4. 15
The Kansai Factor The Kansai Factor 0 Completed Chapter 6. 15
Blowing the Lid Off Blowing the Lid Off 0 Completed Chapter 8. 15
Enemies of My Enemies Enemies of My Enemies 0 Completed Chapter 10. 15
Politics of Justice Politics of Justice 0 Completed Chapter 12. 15
The Final Nail The Final Nail 0 Presented the right evidence to the judge on the first try. 25
Thank You! Thank You! 0 Completed all of the main story. 40
Detective of Legend Detective of Legend 0 Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty. 60
On the Case On the Case 0 Cleared 10 side cases. 10
Local Detective Local Detective 0 Cleared 30 side cases. 20
Got to the Bottom of It Got to the Bottom of It 0 Cleared all of the side cases. 60
A Friendly Guy A Friendly Guy 0 Made 10 friends. 10
A Popular Guy A Popular Guy 0 Made 30 friends. 20
A Guy Everybody Knows A Guy Everybody Knows 0 Made 50 friends. 40
Going Steady Going Steady 0 A girl revealed her true feelings. 10
Ladies, Please Ladies, Please 0 Two girls revealed their true feelings. 20
Now You're Just Bragging Now You're Just Bragging 0 Four girls revealed their true feelings. 30
Skill Dabbler Skill Dabbler 0 Obtained 30 skills. 10
Skill Pro Skill Pro 0 Obtained 60 skills. 20
Skill Master Skill Master 0 Obtained all skills. 30
KamuroGo Shopper KamuroGo Shopper 0 Completed five stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. 10
KamuroGo Trendsetter KamuroGo Trendsetter 0 Completed 10 stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. 20
KamuroGo Socialite KamuroGo Socialite 0 Completed all of KamuroGo's Shop Missions. 40
KamuroGo Tourist KamuroGo Tourist 0 Completed 10 KamuroGo City Missions. 10
KamuroGo Local KamuroGo Local 0 Completed 30 KamuroGo City Missions. 20
KamuroGo Guide KamuroGo Guide 0 Completed all KamuroGo City Missions. 40
Pawn Star Pawn Star 0 Sold 100 items to Ebisu Pawn. 10
Retail Therapy Retail Therapy 0 Shopped 100 times. 10
The Bird's the Word The Bird's the Word 0 Controlled the drone for over an hour. 10
Electronic Perspective Electronic Perspective 0 Flew the drone in first person mode for 60 seconds. 10
Oh Look, a Cat! Oh Look, a Cat! 0 Found all the stray cats while in search mode during the main story. 10
Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Zombie Apocalypse Survivor 0 Obtained 50 pickups in Kamuro of the Dead. 10
Drone Enthusiast Drone Enthusiast 0 Obtained all drone parts. 10
The Gamer Life The Gamer Life 0 Played every arcade game. 10
KamuroGo Master KamuroGo Master 0 Achieved 100% completion of KamuroGo. Wow! 60

Secret Achievements

I'll Make it Double I'll Make it Double 0 Doubled your chips at L'Amant. 25
Way Too Thorough! Way Too Thorough! 0 Fully investigated Terasawa. 25
The Art of Conversation The Art of Conversation 0 Entertained the customer flawlessly. 25
Professional Password Presenter Professional Password Presenter 0 Got the password right on the first try. 25
Hung Jury Hung Jury 0 Saved Sugiura with less than 10 seconds left. 25
Drone Champion Drone Champion 0 Won first place in every D-League race. 10
Yagami Party Yagami Party 0 Completed all Dice & Cube courses and rules at Paradise VR. 10
He Just Doesn't Quit He Just Doesn't Quit 0 Defeated the opponent in the side case, "A Final Request." 60
Pay Your Rent, Yagami Pay Your Rent, Yagami 0 Ate all of Tomioka-san's homecooked meals. 10