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Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure Achievements

Full list of Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

CHORES, CHORES AND CHORES CHORES, CHORES AND CHORES 0 You completed your chores in the Stable! 40
MOM'S BOX MOM'S BOX 0 You discovered what was in Mom's box! 40
THE PALS THE PALS 0 You showed the map to your PALs! 40
DAD'S HERO DAD'S HERO 0 You helped Dad find his tools! 40
BEST IN SHOW BEST IN SHOW 0 You completed the photography tutorial! 40
GALLOPING ON! GALLOPING ON! 0 You rode to Crow's Nest Hill! 40
A HELPING HAND A HELPING HAND 0 You helped your PALs with their chores! 40
TRICKY TROT TRICKY TROT 0 You followed Hendricks and located the mare! 40
GUIDE BACK TO THE HERD GUIDE BACK TO THE HERD 0 You reunited the mare with the herd! 40
BEAVER INSTINCTS BEAVER INSTINCTS 0 You crossed the river through the Beaver Dam! 40
A PLAN ABRIDGED A PLAN ABRIDGED 0 You helped the herd cross the bridge! 40
SEEKING THE STARFISH SEEKING THE STARFISH 0 You reached the Starfish Shaped Rock! 40
HOLD THIEF! HOLD THIEF! 0 You chased Hendricks to Miradero! 40
RAILWAY BUSINESS RAILWAY BUSINESS 0 You helped Dad by taking photos of the Railway expansions! 40
WINNERS ALL WINNERS ALL 0 You set Hendricks' horse free and led him to the herd! 40
PHOTO IN THE DARK PHOTO IN THE DARK 0 You photographed Miradero, at night, for Aunt Cora! 40
SURVIVAL IN THE WILDERNESS SURVIVAL IN THE WILDERNESS 0 You scared the wolves and the herd crossed the Red Oak Forest! 40
FOAL'S GOLD FOAL'S GOLD 0 You found help in Miradero and rescued Lucky from the Old Copper Mine! 40
AVOID THE BIG FELLA AVOID THE BIG FELLA 0 You avoided the bear in the Mountain’s pass! 40
REINING IN HENDRICKS REINING IN HENDRICKS 0 You prevented Hendricks from finding The Secret Valley! 40
THE PATHFINDER THE PATHFINDER 0 You called the herd to The Secret Valley! 200