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Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse Achievements

Full list of Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

That didn't age well That didn't age well 0 Complete the painfully slow, forced tutorial 15
Reap what you sow Reap what you sow 0 Now you're getting the hang of it! 15
Don't be suspicious!!! Don't be suspicious!!! 0 Give Stubbs a hand! 15
Rock and Parole Rock and Parole 0 Do it for the meme! 15
Next Time Bring a Map Next Time Bring a Map 0 We know what you did. 15
Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead 0 So many deals! 15
Unprotected whoopie! Unprotected whoopie! 0 You look good in those genes. 15
I make a PP I make a PP 0 Soil the water supply with your finely aged urine. 15
Army of Darkness Army of Darkness 0 Neither rain, nor sleet, nor bullets, nor brains 15
Does this look infected? Does this look infected? 0 Eh, shake it off 15
Meeting with Death Meeting with Death 0 Clear your calendar. 15
DIE WYE DIE! DIE WYE DIE! 0 Mahlzeit 30
Cletus Defeatus Cletus Defeatus 0 Sooey! Feedin' time! 30
Hands-on parenting Hands-on parenting 0 Bon apetit 90
1 easy payment of… 1 easy payment of… 0 It's been 15 years. You ate your first brain. Was it worth it? 15
Un-Re-Animated Un-Re-Animated 0 You're a zombie that died. 15
Crypt-O-Currency Crypt-O-Currency 0 Eat 2005 brains 90
It's a real groaner! It's a real groaner! 0 100% the dance battle. We thought that was impossible. 90
We got a twitcher! We got a twitcher! 0 BOOM HEADSHOT 15
Stubbs Otaku! Stubbs Otaku! 0 Your friends all just read that achievement title. You need help. 90
360-No-Brains 360-No-Brains 0 Land a jump tackle 30
Obsessive Possessor Obsessive Possessor 0 Posess each type of enemy once 15
The Spleen The Spleen 0 Stun 10 enemies with your Unholy Flatulence 15
Fast Zombies Fast Zombies 0 Beat the game in under two hours 90
Sausage Fest Sausage Fest 0 Load a jeep up with the squad 30
Car-Daver Car-Daver 0 Get run over by a vehicle 15
Should've hid in a fridge Should've hid in a fridge 0 Get killed by an airstrike 30
Strike! Strike! 0 10 kills with a single Sputum Head 15
Dirt Cheap Dirt Cheap 0 10 Sod-O-Mobile kills 15
Plowed Up Plowed Up 0 5 Tractor Kills 15
Tanks for the Memories Tanks for the Memories 0 10 Tank kills 30
Bust a Gut Bust a Gut 0 Trigger a gut grenade in mid-air 15
The First Law of Robotics The First Law of Robotics 0 Get killed by a robot 30
Bahhh-Barian Bahhh-Barian 0 You shouldn't pet the sheep 15
Six Seasons and a Movie Six Seasons and a Movie 0 Demand a sequel. 10