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Eternal - Bastion Rising Achievements

Full list of Eternal - Bastion Rising achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eternal - Bastion Rising has 5 achievements worth 50 gamerscore

Uxu Sated Uxu Sated 0 Play an Uxu that has gained all of its abilities 10
Fresh Dirt Fresh Dirt 0 Play a 0-cost Fertile Soil 10
Back From the Brink Back From the Brink 0 Play Fall of House Roa while at exactly 1 Health 10
Just Where I Wanted Just Where I Wanted 0 Draw a unit from your market that you put there with Near Perfect Imitation 10
Fair Play Fair Play 0 Stop three of your own units Summon abilities with Grand Suppressor 10

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