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Kill It With Fire Achievements

Full list of Kill It With Fire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kill It With Fire has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

High Voltage High Voltage 0 Find batteries. 80
Smarter, Not Harder Smarter, Not Harder 0 Find every upgrade. 80
Ultimate Exterminator Ultimate Exterminator 0 Find all equipment. 80
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power 0 Find every tracker upgrade. 80
The Only Way To Be Sure The Only Way To Be Sure 0 Execute Contingency Omega. 40
Eclectic Tastes Eclectic Tastes 0 Find every flavor. 40
Tiny Game Hunter Tiny Game Hunter 0 Kill every type of spider. 20
Unintended Consequences Unintended Consequences 0 Face the music. 150
Ragtime Ragtime 0 Play a tune. 10
Sending a Message Sending a Message 0 Burn the money in the safe. 10
Spick and Span Spick and Span 0 Destroy EVERY dish. 30
Oil Boom Oil Boom 0 Destroy the gas station. 10
Extreme Landscaping Extreme Landscaping 0 Decimate the hedge maze. 30
That's All Folks That's All Folks 0 Kill a spider by dropping an anvil on it. 30
Jam This Jam This 0 Destroy the printer using the RPG. 10
Sub-Par Sub-Par 0 Sink a putt. 20
Out of Business Out of Business 0 Knock every letter off Kill It With Fire HQ. 20
Line of Succession Line of Succession 0 Transform a Spiderling hatched from a Queen into a Queen. 20
Just say NOPE Just say NOPE 0 Kill a Jumping Spider in mid-air. 80
From Downtown From Downtown 0 Shoot a spider with the Revolver from a long distance. 40
Lilliputian Commando Lilliputian Commando 0 Complete a mission while in Tiny Mode. 40
Blind Justice Blind Justice 0 Kill a spider after being webbed. 20
MLG Pro MLG Pro 0 360 no-scope a spider with the Assault Rifle. 40
Live by the Sword... Live by the Sword... 0 Kill an Exploding Spider with C4. 20