Worms W.M.D Achievements

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There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Recruitment Drive Recruitment Drive 0 Complete Navigation training. 20
Training Day Training Day 0 Complete all the basic training levels. 30
Passing Out Parade Passing Out Parade 0 Complete all training levels. 40
Specialist Forces Qualified Specialist Forces Qualified 0 Gain a Gold Medal on all Training levels. 50
Full of Swag Full of Swag 0 Fully customise a team of Worms using unlocked customisations. 10
You Crafty Devil You Crafty Devil 0 Craft 30 weapons across all game modes. 30
Tanks a lot buddy Tanks a lot buddy 0 Get 80 kills in a tank. 30
I built this city. I built this city. 0 Win an online game with all worms in buildings. 20
You're So Pushy You're So Pushy 0 Kill 20 worms with Prod. 20
Bottom Rung Bottom Rung 0 Play a Ranked Match. 20
Mech me Proud Mech me Proud 0 Get 80 kills in a mech. 30
Roto Boating Roto Boating 0 Get 80 kills in a helicopter. 30
Online Warrior Online Warrior 0 Play 50 online multiplayer games. 40
Bleating Ranker Bleating Ranker 0 Reach Sheep Rank. 50
I'm Your Father! I'm Your Father! 0 Win an online multiplayer match in Sudden Death. 20
Do It Yourself! Do It Yourself! 0 Craft every weapon in the game. 50
That Camp was no Pain That Camp was no Pain 0 Complete the Campaign. 50
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 Collect a wanted poster. 20
Call that a Challenge! Call that a Challenge! 0 Complete 5 challenges. 30
No Challenge at all No Challenge at all 0 Complete all challenges. 40
Halfway House Halfway House 0 Complete 15 campaign missions. 20
Mount Killmore Mount Killmore 0 Get 40 kills using a mounted gun.. 20
Sub Standard Sub Standard 0 Complete 40 Sub Goals. 50
Billy no Mates Billy no Mates 0 Complete all the Sub Goals. 40
Grave Digger Grave Digger 0 Kill 500 worms. 50
Sweat Shop Sweat Shop 0 Unlock all the Customisation Items. 50
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Win 3 online games in a row. 50
The Worm that Turned The Worm that Turned 0 Kill 4 worms in a single turn. 50
Gym Membership Gym Membership 0 Finish a game with a worm on more health than it started with. 40