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MUNDAUN Achievements

Full list of MUNDAUN achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

MUNDAUN has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Mundaun local Mundaun local 0 Know Mundaun and its secrets inside and out 75
Praise the Sun Praise the Sun 0 Find Jeremias's key 25
Grandpa Turismo Grandpa Turismo 0 Drive the Muvel 25
Hay Fever Hay Fever 0 Fill the Muvel with hay 25
Kindness to Strangeness Kindness to Strangeness 0 Finish the game without hurting an enemy 100
Death-defying Death-defying 0 Finish the game without dying 100
Delirium Delirium 0 Drink all of the coffee 75
Figurative Figurative 0 Find the cave in the first area 50
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Draw all the maps 75
Operator Operator 0 Turn on the chair lift 25
Race Winner Race Winner 0 Win the sleigh race 50
Cargo Cargo 0 Use one of the transport furniculars 25
This Is Heavier Than I Thought This Is Heavier Than I Thought 0 Pick up rifle 25

Secret Achievements

Beekeeper Beekeeper 0 Scare off the bees with smoke 50
Do Go Chasing Waterfalls Do Go Chasing Waterfalls 0 Find the waterfall cave 25
Book Club Book Club 0 Show the Mountain Prisoner book to HR buried in the snow 25
Going Home Going Home 0 Leave Mundaun as you came 75
A Souvenir A Souvenir 0 Leave Mundaun changed 75
Staying Indefinitely Staying Indefinitely 0 Don't leave Mundaun 75