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I Saw Black Clouds Achievements

Full list of I Saw Black Clouds achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

I Saw Black Clouds has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

All endings All endings 0 Discover all of the endings 100

Secret Achievements

Believer Believer 0 Stumble upon a supernatural story 10
Realist Realist 0 Delve deep into a dark version of the story 10
Origin Origin 0 Discover the origin of AGNES 20
Tough Tough 0 Round two, choose to fight the second guy 20
Clear Clear 0 Kristina's head is clear 100
Denial Denial 0 Kristina is in denial, Emily still haunts her 100
Unfinished Unfinished 0 There was so much more for you to find out 100
End End 0 Kristina is not strong enough to face it 100
Interpret Interpret 0 Discover a drunk voicemail from Charlotte 100
Wrong Wrong 0 Die more than once 20
Help Help 0 The ghost helps you in the cellar 100
Nonconsensual Nonconsensual 0 Search the bedroom without permission 100
Escape Escape 0 Escape from the fire 20
Jack Jack 0 Discover that Jack is dead 100