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What The Dub?! Achievements

Full list of What The Dub?! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

What The Dub?! has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

And We're Rolling And We're Rolling 0 Submit your first dub 10
In the Can In the Can 0 Finish your first game 10
Snubbed Snubbed 0 Receive no votes in a round 10
Toast of the Town Toast of the Town 0 Receive all of the votes in a round 40
Hollywood Darling Hollywood Darling 0 Win every round of a game 40
Auteur Auteur 0 Win a round with a dub that is at least 90 characters long 20
Tagline Tagline 0 Win a round with a one word answer 20
Foley Artist Foley Artist 0 Use a sound effect in your dub 20
Full House Full House 0 Play a game with max players 20
Blockbuster Blockbuster 0 Play a game with max audience 20
Contract Player Contract Player 0 Complete a game with the max number of rounds 30
Rushes Rushes 0 Submit a dub within 5 seconds 20
Nail-Biter Nail-Biter 0 Submit a dub at the last second 20
Break Out Break Out 0 Win 3 games in a row 50
Moppet Moppet 0 Play a game with the bad word filter on 10
Blacklisted Blacklisted 0 Get no votes an entire game 20
Doppelganger Doppelganger 0 Multiple people enter the same dub 20
Art House Art House 0 Submit a dub where every word starts with the same letter 20
One Hit Wonder One Hit Wonder 0 Win multiple rounds of a game with the same dub 50
Second Banana Second Banana 0 Tie for the highest score in a round 20
Scene Stealer Scene Stealer 0 Win a game with double the points of second place 40
The Comeback Kid The Comeback Kid 0 Win a game after being in last place at the start of the last round 50
Super 8 Super 8 0 Play 8 Games 30
16mm 16mm 0 Play 16 Games 50
35mm 35mm 0 Play 35 Games 70
Technirama Technirama 0 Play 70 Games 100
Cameo Cameo 0 Play two games in a row with the same players 20
Ensemble Ensemble 0 Play five games in a row with the same players 50
Rat Pack Rat Pack 0 Play ten games in a row with the same players 100
Bio-pic Bio-pic 0 Use a developer's name in the response 20