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Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator Achievements

Full list of Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Hero First Hero 0 Your units now won't run away that fast! 25
Craftsman Power Craftsman Power 0 Ach war machines, my favorites! 25
Warriors onboard Warriors onboard 0 Those names sounds familiar... 25
Fight in the shade Fight in the shade 0 More archers! Who doesn't like archers 25
Equipment upgrade Equipment upgrade 0 Better weapons are always cool 50
Arrows Extravaganza Arrows Extravaganza 0 Even more arrows for your archers! 50
Bannermen to arms Bannermen to arms 0 You can use your favorite color more efficient, cool! 50
More units. More items More units. More items 0 Outnumbered, my favorite strategy! 50
Magic solution Magic solution 0 Ach final solution, a fireball! 100
Good Start Good Start 0 Now you know how to fight... against 3 enemies, but hey you need to start somewhere! 25
First Victory First Victory 0 Ach, the taste of your first victory is always the best! 25
First Lost First Lost 0 Don't worry every great leader lost at least one battle 25
Victory Victory 0 Achy, after so many battles, Rome is finally in your hands! 150
Kamikaze Kamikaze 0 Your sacrifice will not be forgot! 25
Necromancer Necromancer 0 Small price for such a great success 50
Master besieger Master besieger 0 Ach Hookefix is so proud of you! 100
Pyromancer Pyromancer 0 Your really like to play with fire don't you? 200