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Eagle Island Twist Achievements

Full list of Eagle Island Twist achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eagle Island Twist has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Shell Smasher Shell Smasher 0 Discover a creative method of attack in Smuggleway Bay 10
Captain Combo Captain Combo 0 Keep the combos coming in High Tide Trouble 25
Completionist Completionist 0 100% Story Mode 100
Crackerjack Crackerjack 0 Gain an S rank on every stage in Story Mode 150
Apprentice of the Elements Apprentice of the Elements 0 Acquire in three elemental feathers 10
Master of Elements Master of Elements 0 Acquire all elemental abilities 25
Lava Leaper Lava Leaper 0 Keep cool feet in Falcon's Furnace 10
Vanilla Killa Vanilla Killa 0 Who needs special attacks in Minecart Cauldron? 10
Guarded Glade Guarded Glade 0 Stay healthy as you run through Greenwood Glade 10
Blazing Bugs Blazing Bugs 0 Try some target practice while running from flames in Fireside Forest 25
Hotshot Hotshot 0 Gain an S rank in every stage in rogue mode 200
Jungle Jig Jungle Jig 0 Cause an accident in Hollow Hestia 10
Nabber Grabber Nabber Grabber 0 Tidy up after yourself in Labyrinthine Shrine 25
Scorpion Skills Scorpion Skills 0 End the fight swiftly in Gemshine Mines 25
Minecart Marksman Minecart Marksman 0 Be a precision falconer in Ruthless Rails 25
Restore Order Restore Order 0 Return balance to the island 10
Dragon Dodger Dragon Dodger 0 Don't get got! 25
Dexterous Dodger Dexterous Dodger 0 Dodge all obstacles during your Downhill Thrill 10
Perky Perky 0 Use every runestone 50
Rogue Rogue 0 Complete rogue mode 100
Short Story Short Story 0 Beat Story Mode in under 1 hour 15 minutes 25
Scrooge in the Swamp Scrooge in the Swamp 0 Keep your coins to yourself in Sanctuary Swamp 10
Risky Runner Risky Runner 0 Rush through the fog in Misty Marsh 25
Trigger Happy Tomb Trigger Happy Tomb 0 Destroy them all! in Tomb of the Raven 25
Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself 0 Give the sorcerer a taste of his own medicine. 10
Au Revoir Nagaka Au Revoir Nagaka 0 That'll be one big combo in Woodberry Warren 25
Treasure Chest Quest Treasure Chest Quest 0 Ten gold chests await in Molder Highlands 25