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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Achievements

Full list of Dragon Quest Builders 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Beacon of Builderdom Beacon of Builderdom 0 Awarded for earning all other achievements. 100
Beginner Brickie Beginner Brickie 0 Awarded for building your first room. 15
Developing Decorator Developing Decorator 0 Awarded for completing your first room recipe. 15
Fledgling Fashionista Fledgling Fashionista 0 Awarded for changing your appearance at a dressing table for the first time. 15
Unwary Wearer Unwary Wearer 0 Awarded for equipping a cursed weapon or piece of armour. 15
Air Raider Air Raider 0 Awarded for defeating an enemy with a spin attack from the windbraker. 30
Daredevil Diver Daredevil Diver 0 Awarded for staying in the sea for two minutes. 30
Tablet Trailblazer Tablet Trailblazer 0 Awarded for completing 30 Tablet Targets. 30
Building Boffin Building Boffin 0 Awarded for discovering 65% of the recipes listed in the Builderpedia. 60
Highest Order Hoarder Highest Order Hoarder 0 Awarded for discovering 50% of the items listed in the Builderpedia. 60
Monster Masher Monster Masher 0 Awarded for discovering 60% of the monsters listed in the Builderpedia. 60
Dedicated Decorator Dedicated Decorator 0 Awarded for discovering 35% of the room recipes listed in the Builderpedia. 60
Wizard of Warping Wizard of Warping 0 Awarded for activating 12 naviglobes. 30
Snappy Snapper Snappy Snapper 0 Awarded for taking 10 pictures in Snapshot Mode. 30
Explorer Extraordinaire Explorer Extraordinaire 0 Awarded for unlocking all of the Explorer's Shores. 30
Beloved Builder Beloved Builder 0 Awarded for earning a total of 3000 gratitude points on the Isle of Awakening. 30
Mercurial Magnate Mercurial Magnate 0 Awarded for defeating five metallic monsters. 30
Hardcore Hunter Hardcore Hunter 0 Awarded for defeating 20 super-strong monsters. 40
Proficient Puzzler Proficient Puzzler 0 Awarded for solving 15 puzzles. 40
Rare Breeder Rare Breeder 0 Awarded for obtaining a pet with the rarest colouration. 70

Secret Achievements

Shipwreck Survivor Shipwreck Survivor 0 Awarded for surviving the slave ship. 15
Apprentice Adventurer Apprentice Adventurer 0 Awarded for setting sail from the Isle of Awakening. 15
Friend of Furrowfield Friend of Furrowfield 0 Awarded for completing the Furrowfield chapter. 15
Guru of the Gardens Guru of the Gardens 0 Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Green Gardens. 15
Conqueror of Khrumbul-Dun Conqueror of Khrumbul-Dun 0 Awarded for completing the Khrumbul-Dun chapter. 15
Escapologist Extraordinaire Escapologist Extraordinaire 0 Awarded for escaping from Skelkatraz. 15
Sandy Grandee Sandy Grandee 0 Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Scarlet Sands. 15
Marshal of Moonbrooke Marshal of Moonbrooke 0 Awarded for completing the Moonbrooke chapter. 15
A Steppe Ahead A Steppe Ahead 0 Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Cerulean Steppe. 15
Messiah of Malhalla Messiah of Malhalla 0 Awarded for completing the Malhalla chapter. 15
Living Legend Living Legend 0 Awarded for saving the world of illusion from destruction. 60