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A Little Lily Princess Achievements

Full list of A Little Lily Princess achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

A Little Lily Princess has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Jessie's Events Jessie's Events 0 Complete Jessie's Act 1 events. 70
Becky's Events Becky's Events 0 Complete Becky's Act 1 events. 70
Mariette's Events Mariette's Events 0 Complete Mariette's Act 1 events. 70
Lavinia's Events Lavinia's Events 0 Complete Lavinia's Act 1 events. 70
Ermengarde's Events Ermengarde's Events 0 Complete Ermengarde's Act 1 events. 70
Lottie's Events Lottie's Events 0 Complete Lottie's Act 1 events. 70
Jessie's Happy Ending Jessie's Happy Ending 0 Choose to give your heart. 80
Becky's Happy Ending Becky's Happy Ending 0 We can rule together. 80
Mariette's Happy Ending Mariette's Happy Ending 0 Wishes do come true. 80
Lavinia's Happy Ending Lavinia's Happy Ending 0 Anyone can be a princess, if they try. 80
Ermengarde's Happy Ending Ermengarde's Happy Ending 0 A loyal knight's service. 80
Lottie's Happy Ending Lottie's Happy Ending 0 Growing up is hard to do. 80
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect 0 You maxed out all resources and had nothing left to do. 100