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Outward - The Three Brothers Achievements

Full list of Outward - The Three Brothers achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Outward - The Three Brothers has 12 achievements worth 275 gamerscore

Let 'em eat magma! Let 'em eat magma! 0 Gain access to construction in New Sirocco. 15
We can rebuild We can rebuild 0 Complete the first quest of the Caldera Questline. 20
Heart of the Volcano Heart of the Volcano 0 Complete the second quest of the Caldera Questline. 20
A curse, lifted A curse, lifted 0 Complete the Third quest of the Caldera Questline. 20
Power! To! The People! Power! To! The People! 0 Complete the fourth quest of the Caldera Questline. 40
Through fire and flame Through fire and flame 0 Fully complete the Settlement (6 fully upgraded Specialized Buildings). 40
The stuff of legends The stuff of legends 0 Awaken an Artifact's Ascended form. 15
Crowd Pleaser Crowd Pleaser 0 Emerge victorious from the Calygrey arena 3 times. 15
Fruit of the land Fruit of the land 0 Find one of each of the special sample items. 20
This was a mistake... This was a mistake... 0 You should have let them sleep... 15
Hunter of Monsters Hunter of Monsters 0 Craft a full set of Slayer Armor. 15
The Absolute Pinnacle The Absolute Pinnacle 0 Clear all 4 Hidden Arenas in the Caldera Region. 40

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