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Stonefly Achievements

Full list of Stonefly achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Stonefly has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fixed Up Fixed Up 0 Fix the junker's core functionality 10
Suited To The Task Suited To The Task 0 Fabricate all utility abilities 50
Innovate, Fabricate Innovate, Fabricate 0 Fabricate all abilities and upgrades 100
Designer Hardware Designer Hardware 0 Fabricate a cosmetic upgrade 20
Style And Substance Style And Substance 0 Fabricate all cosmetic designs 100
Underground Giants Underground Giants 0 Complete an Alpha Aphid mission without getting knocked out 20
Tracker Tracker 0 Track down 10 alpha aphids 50
Efficiency Efficiency 0 Defeat 15 bugs with one push 10
Stay Back Stay Back 0 Use a bubble to push away 20 bugs at once 10
Safer Up Here Safer Up Here 0 Push a bug off the level while airborne 10
Everybody Be Cool Everybody Be Cool 0 Slow down 500 bugs 30
Just Wanna Be Pure Just Wanna Be Pure 0 Use Spark to clean off goo and acid at the same time 20
Magnetic Personality Magnetic Personality 0 Use Pull on 20 bugs at once 20
How Embarassing How Embarassing 0 Stagger a boomling with Pull 20
Unbreak My Heart Unbreak My Heart 0 Break a bull beetle's heart 20
Gotta Go Slow Gotta Go Slow 0 Trip an engine grub 20
Yeehaw Yeehaw 0 Ride a boomling 20
Researcher Researcher 0 Fully research all significant data 50
Field Work Field Work 0 Defeat each type of bug at least once 20
Untethered Untethered 0 Defeat 30 bugs without touching the ground 50
Trained Trained 0 Complete wave 100 in the East Marsh arena 50

Secret Achievements

Sidequest Sidequest 0 Help the Acorn Corps 10
Farthest I've Been Farthest I've Been 0 Head into the Blue Spruce Trail 10
Found Him, Now What? Found Him, Now What? 0 Find the thief that stole Dad's rig 10
Friend In Need Friend In Need 0 Complete a Corps project 10
Corps Protector Corps Protector 0 Help Clara regroup with the Acorn Corps 20
New Threads New Threads 0 Welcome to fashion 10
Oh No, It's Real Oh No, It's Real 0 Find Dad's rig 10
Difficult Decisions Difficult Decisions 0 Take Dad's rig 20
Still Alive Still Alive 0 Win the fight, lose the trophy 200