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Powerstar Golf Achievements

Find all the Powerstar Golf achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Fore! Fore! 0 Achieve an Amateur rating in a career event. 5
Clubhouse Regular Clubhouse Regular 0 Reach level 25. 20
Tour Master Tour Master 0 Reach level 50. 30
In the Hunt In the Hunt 0 Achieve an Amateur rating in all career events. 20
On Fire On Fire 0 Achieve a Pro rating in all career events. 30
Bringing the ‘A’ Game Bringing the ‘A’ Game 0 Achieve an Elite rating in all career events. 50
Zen Master Zen Master 0 Unlock Laoshi by winning the ‘Great Wall Meet’ career event. 30
Illusionist Illusionist 0 Unlock Henry by winning the ‘Monorail Meet’ career event. 10
Bring Me Luck Bring Me Luck 0 Unlock Kiara by winning the ‘Cliffhanger Meet’ career event. 20
You Spin Me Round You Spin Me Round 0 Unlock Dominique by winning the ‘Uphill Meet’ career event. 40
Nest Egg Nest Egg 0 Achieve total earnings of 250,000 credits. 20
Valuable Commodity Valuable Commodity 0 Equip three different boosters in a single round. 10
A Rare Thing Indeed A Rare Thing Indeed 0 Equip an Extreme piece of gear. 20
In Full Gear In Full Gear 0 Equip new gear in place of all five ‘Greenheart’ items. 20
Rack ‘em Up Rack ‘em Up 0 Equip a full set of gear to earn the set bonus. 20
CaddieUp CaddieUp 0 Equip a caddie with three perks. 10
The Long Game The Long Game 0 Complete a round under par with long tees and hard pins. 20
City Slicker City Slicker 0 Complete any round on the City Park course under par. 5
Mountain Ranger Mountain Ranger 0 Complete any round on the Rocky Ridge course under par. 10
Coastline Comber Coastline Comber 0 Complete any round on the Emperor’s Garden course under par. 20
Jungle Adventurer Jungle Adventurer 0 Complete any round on the Burning Sands course under par. 30
Chip In Chip In 0 Chip the ball into the cup from off the green. 20
Ace Ace 0 Hit a hole-in-one. 30
Sureshot Sureshot 0 Hit 3 perfect strikes on a par 5 hole, scoring par or better. 20
Pin-Seeker Pin-Seeker 0 Complete a round of at least 9 holes without stopping off the fairway, fringe or green. 30
BFF BFF 0 Complete a round of golf using a friend’s caddie. 10
The 19th Hole The 19th Hole 0 Complete a local multiplayer game with two or more players. 10
Rival Rouser Rival Rouser 0 Beat an opponent’s round in Rival mode. 30
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet 0 Score a birdie. 10
Soaring Soaring 0 Score an eagle. 20
One for the Collection One for the Collection 0 Score a double eagle. 25
Hedge Your Bets Hedge Your Bets 0 Land within three feet of the pin using Henry’s Illusion Ball ability. 20
Lucky Lucky 0 Land within 10 feet of the pin using Kiara’s Lucky Clover ability. 20
Fully Focused Flourish Fully Focused Flourish 0 Hit full power, perfect shot using Laoshi’s Zen Focus ability. 10
Rule of Attraction Rule of Attraction 0 Sink the ball from over 150 yards away using Reiko’s Tesla Field ability. 20
Ballistic Ballistic 0 Hit the ball over 300 yards using Frank’s Rocket Launcher ability. 10
Super Spinnin’ Super Spinnin’ 0 Sink the ball using Dominque’s Super Spin ability. 30
Reading the Green Reading the Green 0 Sink 5 putts from at least ten feet away using Astrid’s Putt Prediction skill. 20
Positive Approach Positive Approach 0 Play five approaches that stop within 5 feet of the pin using Kirby’s Shot Prediction skill. 20
Record Breaker Record Breaker 0 Set a new shot record on the City Park, Rocky Ridge, Emperor’s Garden and Burning Sands courses. 30
In a Spin In a Spin 0 Play ten shots using backspin, stopping within 5 feet of the pin. 10
Curveballs Curveballs 0 Play ten draw or fade shots, stopping within 10 feet of the pin. 10
Hop, Skip and Jump Hop, Skip and Jump 0 In one shot, skip the ball twice on water and land on solid ground. 20
Best Friends Twice Best Friends Twice 0 On any specific record, earn the top spot among your friends, lose it, then gain it back again. 25
Movie Star Movie Star 0 Hole out spectacularly, triggering an automatic game clip. 25
Super Putt Super Putt 0 Sink a putt from at least 60 feet away without using any golfer abilities or caddie abilities. 30
High Roller High Roller 0 Play a shot that rolls more than 50 yards after it has stopped bouncing. 5
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire 0 Complete any round on the Burning Sands course under par using six different golfers. 20
Sleeping Giant Sleeping Giant 0 Earn XP when not playing the game. 20
No Contest No Contest 0 Complete 3 Powerstar challenges. 10