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My Friend Peppa Pig Achievements

Full list of My Friend Peppa Pig achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Friend Peppa Pig has 11 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Daddy’s Glasses Daddy’s Glasses 0 You found Daddy Pig’s Glasses. 80
Where’s Mr. Dinosaur? Where’s Mr. Dinosaur? 0 You recovered Mr. Dinosaur for George. 80
Whose tracks are these? Whose tracks are these? 0 You followed the tracks in the forest and find out who left them. 80
The Best Snowman Ever! The Best Snowman Ever! 0 You built a snowman in Snowy Mountain. 80
What’s in These Rockpools? What’s in These Rockpools? 0 You found three different things in the rockpools. 80
Rounding Up the Chickens. Rounding Up the Chickens. 0 You took all of Granny Pig’s chickens back to the coop. 80
Helping Tiddles the Tortoise. Helping Tiddles the Tortoise. 0 You helped Madame Gazelle get Tiddles down from the tree. 80
The View From Windy Castle. The View From Windy Castle. 0 You visited Windy Castle. 80
Always Remember To Eat Your Five! Always Remember To Eat Your Five! 0 You visited Potato City. 200
Collecting Sticks For the Campfire. Collecting Sticks For the Campfire. 0 You collected sticks to build a campfire in the forest. 80
Rocket to the Moon! Rocket to the Moon! 0 You took the rocket to the moon in the Museum. 80