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Fallen Knight Achievements

Full list of Fallen Knight achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fallen Knight has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

1St Impact!! 1St Impact!! 0 Defeat your first enemy 15
Show Mercy Show Mercy 0 Activate your first disarm 15
Tenacious Tenacious 0 Retry 5 times consecutively 15
Wrath Of God Wrath Of God 0 Destroy 5 Enemies simultaneously with Wrath of God 15
Power up Power up 0 Customize your first Lancelot skill 15
Deflect!! Deflect!! 0 Use deflection for the first time 15
Reach the sky!! Reach the sky!! 0 Activate Soar to Heaven for the first time 15
Earthquake!! Earthquake!! 0 Activate Part the Sea for the first time 15
In your Face!! In your Face!! 0 Activate Earth Carving for the first time 15
Got the power!! Got the power!! 0 Activate your first Wrath of God 15
Found You Found You 0 Find your first hidden HP Up 15
Superior in Every Way Superior in Every Way 0 Complete your first boss disarm 15
Still Learning Still Learning 0 Use Wrath of God against Wrath of Lucifer 15
Public's Gift Public's Gift 0 Spend your first honour point 15
Get Out of My Sky Get Out of My Sky 0 Defeat your first Condor 15
That was Close!! That was Close!! 0 Escape from a falling elevator 15
Bullseye Bullseye 0 Get hit by Whisper's sniper in the skyscraper stage for the first time 15
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing 0 Defeat 50 Enemies 15
Knight of Honour Knight of Honour 0 Disarm 50 enemies 20
My Own Medic My Own Medic 0 Heal yourself for the first time 15
Gotta Have 'Em All Gotta Have 'Em All 0 Purchased all items from the shop 30
Invincible Invincible 0 Defeat 100 Enemies 30
Merciful Knight Merciful Knight 0 Disarm 100 Enemies 30
Golden Knight!! Golden Knight!! 0 Get all Legendary Knight Ranks in every stage 90
Seeker of Truth Seeker of Truth 0 Obtain 100% in the Archives 90
Legendary Knight Legendary Knight 0 Get your first Legendary Knight Rank 30
Knight Knight 0 Get your first Knight Rank 50
Ready!! Ready!! 0 Complete the tutorial 15
Hero to Zero Hero to Zero 0 Unlock All Achievements 90

Secret Achievements

Broken!! Broken!! 0 Disarm Lucifer 30
Knight of Round Table Knight of Round Table 0 Kill Lucifer 30
Fair Fight Fair Fight 0 Disarm Strike 30
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel 0 Disarm Whisper 30
Knight Duel Knight Duel 0 Disarm Nikolai 30
The Joker The Joker 0 Disarm Pierrot 30
Utilitarian Utilitarian 0 Choose to stop Lucifer 30
Fallen Knight Fallen Knight 0 Choose to let Lucifer reveal the truth of the Holy Grail to the world 30