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Sable's Grimoire Achievements

Full list of Sable's Grimoire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sable's Grimoire has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

No longer a student No longer a student 0 Accept Ein's offer to accelerate your education 25
Rock on! Rock on! 0 Give life to earth and stone 25
Crime always pays Crime always pays 0 Attempt to stop a violent crime (unsuccessfully) 25
Unrestrained power Unrestrained power 0 Break free from the magical artifact binding you 25
Novice teleporter Novice teleporter 0 Dabble in the art of teleportation 25
Casanova Casanova 0 Show Rei the meaning of romance 25
Survivor Survivor 0 Survive your first encounter with a dark elf 25
Rooted Rooted 0 Die at the hands of a dark elf 25
Starvation Starvation 0 Die of starvation 25
Lisha <3 Lisha <3 0 Complete Lisha's route 25
The truth The truth 0 Learn the truth about Bartholomew 25
The history of man and elf The history of man and elf 0 Finish reading Ein's book 25
Father of many Father of many 0 Live out your days as a dragon's treasure 25
Indirect kiss Indirect kiss 0 Share an indirect kiss with Drakan 25
Twister Twister 0 Challenge the master of flexibility 25
Sable-sensei Sable-sensei 0 Tutor the most hopeless students you can find 25
Human, like me Human, like me 0 Finish training Ciel in human affairs 25
Eth <3 Eth <3 0 Complete Eth's route 25
Sexy (?) Sexy (?) 0 Endure the advances of two demi-human girls at once 25
Camping Camping 0 Spend a night alone with two demi-human girls 25
Mankind's dark side Mankind's dark side 0 See for yourself the evils committed by man 25
Rehab Rehab 0 Aid in a student's rehabilitation 25
Ice woman Ice woman 0 Incur the wrath of a yuki-onna 25
White lie White lie 0 Lie in order to spare Jorou's feelings 25
New life New life 0 Complete Rei's route 25
Joanne Joanne 0 Help Jorou to transform into a new person 25
Committed Committed 0 Betray your friend's trust and have her committed against her will 25
An unlikely love An unlikely love 0 Find love in an unexpected place 25
Nerd Nerd 0 Impress your grade's valedictorian in a battle of wits 25
A better place A better place 0 Help Drakan to find a place where she belongs 25
Best friend Best friend 0 Act like a true friend to someone in need 25
Drakan <3 Drakan <3 0 Complete Drakan's route 25
Dragon harem Dragon harem 0 Unwittingly walk down a strange path alongside dragonkind 25
The road to recovery The road to recovery 0 Help one of your friends to get the help she needs - even if she doesn't want it 25
Drill instructor Drill instructor 0 Whip that greenhorn pixie into shape 30
Separate ways Separate ways 0 Let Tix's fate take its course 30
Beta male Beta male 0 Resist Tix's seduction until the end 30
Sable's travels Sable's travels 0 Brave the perils of a forest filled with pixies 30
Tix <3 Tix <3 0 Complete Tix's route 30