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Hand of Fate - Wildcards Achievements

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 255 points.

Dungeon Conqueror Dungeon Conqueror 0 Defeat the Dealer as the Warlord. 15
The Apprentice The Apprentice 0 Complete all Apprentice encounters. 15
Lord of War Lord of War 0 Complete all Warlord encounters. 30
Master of the Shadows Master of the Shadows 0 Complete all Shadow Agent encounters. 15
The Lion Prince The Lion Prince 0 Complete all Curse of the Lion Prince encounters. 15
Explorer Explorer 0 Complete all Explorer's Gift encounters. 15
Never Enough Never Enough 0 Complete all Hoarder's Desire encounters. 15
Hunger Satiated. Hunger Satiated. 0 Complete all Iron Hunger encounters. 15
Merchant's Saviour Merchant's Saviour 0 Complete all Merchant Guard encounters. 15
Holy Champion Holy Champion 0 Complete all Monk encounters. 15
The Wanderer The Wanderer 0 Complete all Nomad encounters. 15
Elite Training Elite Training 0 Complete all Soldier's Training encounters. 15
Kraken Master Kraken Master 0 Defeat the Kraken. 15
One with the Kraken One with the Kraken 0 Equip the Kraken Sword and Mask at once. 15
Metal Mogul Metal Mogul 0 Possess 300 or more Ore. 15
The Elder Lizard The Elder Lizard 0 Trade with the Elder Lizard. 15

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