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Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four Achievements

Full list of Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ready for the adventure Ready for the adventure 0 Completed the tutorial. 10
Leave no witnesses Leave no witnesses 0 Killed a Healer before it fled. 12
Eat that! Eat that! 0 Defeated Famine. 20
You're the cure You're the cure 0 Defeated Pestilence. 25
Master Hunter Master Hunter 0 Got the Mantle of Wrath. 12
Top of the class Top of the class 0 Leveled up a creature to its max. level in the Book of Magic. 12
Hello there, stranger! Hello there, stranger! 0 Reached the Pub for the first time. 10
Coward Coward 0 Abandoned a run and return to the Pub. 10
Heavy hitter Heavy hitter 0 Dealt 50 damage in a single turn. 20
Hello Death, my old friend Hello Death, my old friend 0 Met Death for the first time. 10
Nothing can stop me Nothing can stop me 0 Won a run in challenge mode. 25
Close shave Close shave 0 Won with 1 creature and less than 10 gold. 12
Novice collector Novice collector 0 Owned 30 cards. 12
Spellmaster Spellmaster 0 Played 6 spells in a row during battle. 25
A card of epic proportions A card of epic proportions 0 Owned a card with 'Epic' rarity. 12
Take this!...And that! Take this!...And that! 0 Killed three enemies in a single turn. 25
Bonus master Bonus master 0 Entered a batte with four map bonuses. 20
It's a full moon It's a full moon 0 Completed a nighttime map. 12
Poison everywhere! Poison everywhere! 0 Completed the Poisonous Gardens once. 20
Trial of the huntress Trial of the huntress 0 Completed a quest for the Huntress. 12
I like this one I like this one 0 Won a battle with 3 identical cards in your deck. 12
Feel the rush! Feel the rush! 0 Won a battle on your first turn. 20
Powerful Powerful 0 Gave a creature a total of +20 attack in a battle. 40
Werewolf Alpha Werewolf Alpha 0 Owned a max. level werewolf. 20
Warwolf Warwolf 0 Killed a Werewolf Warmaster. 25
Good deal! Good deal! 0 Accepted a trade from the Artifact Trader. 20
High-end jewelry High-end jewelry 0 Assembled the archeologist's pendant 25
We are legion! We are legion! 0 Summoned 5 Legionnaires in a battle. 40
Coursing through their veins Coursing through their veins 0 Dealt 18 damage to enemies with [Poison] in a battle. 40
King of Tokens King of Tokens 0 Owned 1000 tokens. 50
War...War never changes. War...War never changes. 0 Defeated War. 40
Ooops! Forgot something. Ooops! Forgot something. 0 Picked up the key after the boss has spawned. 25
Sank like the Titanic Sank like the Titanic 0 Defeated the Infernal. 50
I'm not done with you yet I'm not done with you yet 0 Used a Potion of Resurrection. 40
Don't fear the Reaper Don't fear the Reaper 0 Summoned a creature with Death allegiance. 40
The ultimate test The ultimate test 0 Entered the Realm of Death. 50
You kept it safe all this time You kept it safe all this time 0 Owned a level 3 Shard card. 47
The End? The End? 0 Defeated Death. 100