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Teacup Achievements

Full list of Teacup achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Teacup has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Tea Encyclopedia The Tea Encyclopedia 0 Find the tea book 100
A Fresh Drink A Fresh Drink 0 Find mint. 50
Light The Way Light The Way 0 Find rooibos. 50
Pink Composition Pink Composition 0 Find hibiscus. 50
Nice Windy Day Nice Windy Day 0 Find chamomile. 50
The Welcoming Forest The Welcoming Forest 0 Find lemon verbena. 50
Carpet Tamer Carpet Tamer 0 Find jasmine. 50
A Puzzling Letter A Puzzling Letter 0 Find honey. 50
The Cart In The Field The Cart In The Field 0 Find sugar, white, black and green tea. 50

Secret Achievements

Is this just fantasy? Is this just fantasy? 0 Find dream tea. 100
Miss you, Grandma Miss you, Grandma 0 Find lemon balm, ginger and rose hip. 200
Sailing in the Pond Sailing in the Pond 0 Talk with Lyndon and Bertol at the Pond. 100
A Pause Under Kites A Pause Under Kites 0 Talk with Adele and Evangeline at the Kite Festival. 100