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The Tale of Bistun Achievements

Full list of The Tale of Bistun achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Tale of Bistun has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

These Blades Are Made For Swinging These Blades Are Made For Swinging 0 Break something stone-like with a swing of your hatchets 10
Unearth A Qanat Unearth A Qanat 0 A qanat is an underground passage. Unearth one to continue your quest 10
First Blood First Blood 0 Destroy your very first enemy 10
Carving A Memory Carving A Memory 0 Carve your first inscription 15
Fledgling Smithy Fledgling Smithy 0 Acquire your first special attack 15
Skilled Hands Skilled Hands 0 Carve your first statue 15
Accomplished Smithy Accomplished Smithy 0 Acquire your second special attack 15
A Stranger's Diary A Stranger's Diary 0 Read your first stone tablet 15
Read, Read, Read Read, Read, Read 0 Read all of the stone tablets 35
Ledge-walker Ledge-walker 0 Cross every ledge in the game 25
Prolific Artist Prolific Artist 0 Engrave all inscriptions 40
Talent And Dedication Talent And Dedication 0 Carve all of the statues 40
Slip and Slide Slip and Slide 0 Ride all of the sliding surfaces 20
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! 0 Make 75 birds fly away 20

Secret Achievements

The Story Begins... The Story Begins... 0 Pull the hatchets out of the shiny amethystine stone 10
A Friend In Need A Friend In Need 0 Set the tree free 10
Stand By Nature Stand By Nature 0 Finish the first level 10
The Milk Canal The Milk Canal 0 Finish the first revelation 20
At One With Nature At One With Nature 0 Finish the second level 20
Prison Break Prison Break 0 Rescue the hoopoe from the cage 20
I Pick You I Pick You 0 Reach the temple and find your new weapon 30
The Blight's Blight The Blight's Blight 0 Complete the third level 25
Close Encounter Close Encounter 0 Encounter the deev 30
The Depths Of Darkness The Depths Of Darkness 0 Find your ally and escape from the trouble 30
Master Smithy Master Smithy 0 Learn how to carve an anvil and switch weapons 20
One With The Blades One With The Blades 0 Fully upgrade your weapons 25
Heart of Oblivion Heart of Oblivion 0 Complete the fifth level 35
Anahita's Greatest Mistake Anahita's Greatest Mistake 0 Set Anahita's statue free and discover a familiar inscription 25
Heart's Desire Heart's Desire 0 Meet with your beloved! 30
The Ultimate Sacrifice The Ultimate Sacrifice 0 Fight with Bistun Deev and try to rescue its captive 35
Nature's Savior Nature's Savior 0 Destroy the talisman stones in every affected location 50
Hammer It Home Hammer It Home 0 Forge your third weapon 50
For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls 0 Defeat the Bistun Deev! 50
Here I Am Here I Am 0 Enter the Fortress of Oblivion 40
Break The Cycle Break The Cycle 0 Set Nizami free 60
Continue The Cycle Continue The Cycle 0 Abandon Nizami in captivity 60
Merely Inquisitive Merely Inquisitive 0 Interact with every feature in the "Base" 15
It Feels Better Than It Sounds It Feels Better Than It Sounds 0 Stand still until the man cracks his neck 15