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Clouzy! Achievements

Full list of Clouzy! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Clouzy! has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Yummy! Yummy! 0 Cook 1 meal 50
Doing great! Doing great! 0 Cook 10 meals 50
A chef makes A chef makes 0 Cook 20 meals 50
Catatouille Catatouille 0 Cook 50 meals 50
Need help? Need help? 0 Complete 3 optional quest 50
Helping forever Helping forever 0 Complete 10 optional quest 50
Harvesting! Harvesting! 0 Use one time the orchard 50
Let's improve! Let's improve! 0 Upgrade once 50
Unlimited power! Unlimited power! 0 Upgrade one machine at max 50
Cloud the builder Cloud the builder 0 Upgrade all the panel 50
I wouldn't eat that... I wouldn't eat that... 0 Spoil a meal 50
Doing new things! Doing new things! 0 Unlock one companion talent 50
I'm complete! I'm complete! 0 Unlock all of your companion talents 50
One Piece of fruits One Piece of fruits 0 Get all the types of fruits 50
Game of teas Game of teas 0 Get all the types of tea 50

Secret Achievements

Wind Waker! Wind Waker! 0 Obtain the meadow temple artifact 62
Flooooowing again! Flooooowing again! 0 Obtain the lake temple artifact 62
Mysterious object... Mysterious object... 0 Obtain the cave temple artifact 62
Journey complete! Journey complete! 0 Obtain the desert temple artifact 64