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Graveyard Keeper - Game Of Crone Achievements

Full list of Graveyard Keeper - Game Of Crone achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Graveyard Keeper - Game Of Crone has 26 achievements worth 500 gamerscore

An unexpected guest An unexpected guest 0 Met marquis Teodoro Jr. An aristocrat in danger - what could be more profitable! 18
Vampires in the Village Vampires in the Village 0 A vampire is terrorizing the villagers? Solution: an army of carnivorous bees. 18
The face of the enemy The face of the enemy 0 Exposed the vampire. Time to play Van Helsing! 18
To stop an Ancient Curse To stop an Ancient Curse 0 Alaric convinced you to help. Refusal would have been dangerous to your health. 18
One more inquisitor One more inquisitor 0 Met lady Beatrice. Technically, you resisted her charms. But in your imagination... 18
Blood supplier Blood supplier 0 Brought corpse blood to the vampire. Not very tasty, but better than many popular diets! 18
Mysterious woman Mysterious woman 0 Watched a scene from the past. Nothing is clear but it's quite intriguing... 18
Awkward interrogation Awkward interrogation 0 Interrogated vampire Carl, leaving Carl greatly enlightened. 18
Lesser evil Lesser evil 0 Lady Beatrice made you an offer you can't refuse. Unless you decide to refuse. 18
Refugees are safe Refugees are safe 0 You rescued the refugees. Welcome to the Inquisition's blacklist! 18
Revolution begins Revolution begins 0 It's your last chance to join the workers and peasants. To be more specific, the donkeys and rats. 18
Cook of Revolution Cook of Revolution 0 You've helped the revolutionaries. Let's spread donkey communism across the world! 18
Writer of Revolution Writer of Revolution 0 You've helped the revolutionaries again. They'll be hard pressed to hang you as a "dirty exploiter". 18
Ideologist of Revolution Ideologist of Revolution 0 You've helped revolutionaries a third time. Who is next in line for General Secretary? 18
Long live the Revolution Long live the Revolution 0 The Revolution has come to pass. It's time to look back on why you started it. 18
Camp Camp 0 Now you have your own camp! And hundreds of potential enemies -- in the form of Inquisitors. 18
Developed camp Developed camp 0 You've improved your camp. The chances that the refugees will die of starvation got lower. 18
Strengthened camp Strengthened camp 0 You've provided the camp with some fortifications. They look dubious, but the settlers like them. 18
Paradise Paradise 0 Your camp is flawless. You should write a guide to camp management! 18
Raccoon thyroid stew Raccoon thyroid stew 0 The cook has recovered her peace of mind. Now her friends won't avoid obesity and gastritis. 18
Beheaded horse Beheaded horse 0 You helped the undertaker deal with her dead husband's relatives. The funeral mass is soon. 18
More forest thugs More forest thugs 0 You provided the tanner's son with the bright and happy future of a forest thug. Nice work! 18

Secret Achievements

Vampires are over Vampires are over 0 Told Horadric the vampire was no more. Oh, if only everyone were so trusting! 26
Spirit summoner Spirit summoner 0 Brought some smelly and useless filth into Dungeon, giving all the local ghosts a laugh. 26
Exterminate! Exterminate! 0 All the ambushes have been cleared out. The Terminator and Rambo would have been proud. 26
Between worlds Between worlds 0 Worked on someone's memory. Time to add "Neurosurgeon" to your CV. 26

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