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Anna's Quest Achievements

Full list of Anna's Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Anna's Quest has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Escape artist Escape artist 0 What?! I ain't finished yet?! 15
Through the woods Through the woods 0 Let the quest continue! 15
My lost nightingale My lost nightingale 0 Love, what a wonderful thing 15
Back to the anvil Back to the anvil 0 You have reached your destination 15
So soothing... So soothing... 0 You have no power over me! 15
Kekekeke... Kekekeke... 0 She probably couldn't read anyways... 15
NOW GO AWAY! NOW GO AWAY! 0 He thought she was looking for someone else 15
Sorry Grandpa Sorry Grandpa 0 Back to square one… 35
Roostwig has entered the building Roostwig has entered the building 0 Something better than death we can find anywhere 15
Mystery solved Mystery solved 0 Even better than Mozart 15
Close the deal Close the deal 0 Outplayed the Devil 35
Game Over! Game Over! 0 Players free to leave game now. 15
Honey, honey, honey… Honey, honey, honey… 0 Winnie would be proud! 15
Show me your true self Show me your true self 0 What big teeth you have... 15
A very special drink A very special drink 0 Not the kind of cocktail he expected 15
Shattered Shattered 0 So that's what he was hiding 15
GG GG 0 Not even the swan is real 15
You've got mail! You've got mail! 0 They grow up so fast... 15
Memories Memories 0 The beginning is the end 55
Beekeeper Beekeeper 0 No bees were harmed in the making of this game 15
Turn the last page Turn the last page 0 ...and they lived happily ever after? 55
Book Worm Book Worm 0 Intelligence +1 15
Singstar Singstar 0 “I sound pretty good” 15
Cameodalic Cameodalic 0 I think I know them from somewhere... 15
Mischief maker Mischief maker 0 Do not play with sharp objects! 35
What a mess What a mess 0 And where's the mustard? 35
Clever reference #451 Clever reference #451 0 The idea was good. But Anna's arms were too short 35
Ooh, it's shiny! Ooh, it's shiny! 0 So cute! 35
Posterboy! Posterboy! 0 Gotta catch them all 55
Guilty conscience Guilty conscience 0 Not the voices again! 35
Little genius Little genius 0 He seems pretty clever 15
Kill it! KILL IT! Kill it! KILL IT! 0 Not exactly Mozart 35

Secret Achievements

Makeover Makeover 0 Ugly, but less creepy 60
Fussy eater Fussy eater 0 “No I will not eat my soup” 20
Far away from home Far away from home 0 Wrong game, mister! 40
Ring-a-ding-ding Ring-a-ding-ding 0 Kids can be REALLY annoying sometimes... 40
Pain in the hands Pain in the hands 0 Fool me once... 20
Bahahahaha... Bahahahaha... 0 Every game needs a goat 40
No posters allowed No posters allowed 0 This isn't very realistic 20